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Master Level Stats are not working for elemental defense!

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    dmg elmental in excel
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      Originally posted by SHAMO View Post
      Impressive job I have to say!! The only thing I don't get to match with in-game results is the Damage Monster area, i get negative values, shouldn't it be I24-K24 in the 24L? And same with the above ones?

      Also, is there any reliable source for the elemental dmg and def of monsters in Swamp of Darkness and Cubera mine? can't find any :/
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        Corrected download it again

        -200 hp you lose
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          did u all try to add master stat then use reset fruit to add to another stat . work on elemental aswell or not . for example : with a sm , u add point to strength and use reset fruit to add it to agi . it work for elemental ?


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            I'm still 90% confident that this is just a client display error. All you need to test about bonus stats is a EE with high level bless skill, preferably buffed by ADA set or higher. Get a character who have high def per AGI (BK or Summoner) and note the elemental damages taken, bless the character and note the damage numbers again.


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              that is, asuming the bless buff works in the same way?