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[Global MU Online] Notice - How to access the archived previous forums.

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  • [Global MU Online] Notice - How to access the archived previous forums.

    Hello everyone,

    It's (GM)Granddaddy.

    Welcome to our brand new forums! From now on, these new forums will replace our previous, which has been archived, forums.
    In case you need to access old forums, simply follow this link,, or click the button near at the bottom right of the forum screen, "< Access the past archived forums" button.

    We hope you enjoy this new environment!

    Thank you

  • MuLIVE
    Webzen not server nor to administer a zone of bitch!

    Only have intern.
    Bad service people.

    WEBZEN to be horrible have to train a lot!


    Webzen nao server nem para administrar uma zona de puta!

    So tem estagiario.
    Pessoas ruim de serviço.

    WEBZEN para ser horrivel tem que treinar muito!!

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  • Fasdem2010
    ya eliminado y reinstalado el cliente varias veces, y me da error del x-shop 512.2017.327. y e eliminado la carpete \Webzen\Mu\Data\InGameShopScript, alguien me puede ayudar.

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  • Profano
    commented on 's reply
    I agree. Webzen doent give a $%¨&* for that. That is an important point they are ignoring.

  • TheTruth
    Hello. I just want to note that the martket section of the forum got way worse than it was before. Before the change we were able to look for items classified by characters and servers. Now it is all together, so it is impossible to find an item you are looking for in this mess. Please fix this..

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  • ThunderNikk
    No, they need to destroy this thread. The old forums no longer exist.

    Thread is also old and should not exist, yet I am sure more people will come to ask why the link posted mid 2014 does not work anymore.

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  • FadeSM
    not work ?

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  • PrepuciusBr
    So, the old forum is not working anymore?

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  • IxTab
    Thank´s For link, are more people in old forum.

    Server: Helheim
    Guild: Broodwar
    Nicks: IxTab / IxChel
    Posicion: Battle Master

    Si la vida es un juego, Donde encuentro el botón de Salir.....
    If life is a game, where I find the Exit button.....

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  • Lyully
    Love it its so much organized and easy to follow

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