Global Mu Online - Official Global Forum Rules

Webzen reserves the right to revise, change or expand these rules, in part or as a whole at any time. Any future changes from these rules are applicable immediately even without prior notice. Every person using the forums must adhere to these rules, continued use of the forum constitutes full acceptance to all rules listed below.
Ignorance of these rules shall not be considered as an excuse.

Global Mu Online - Market Forum Rules and Guidelines

Market Forum is a place where users can post information about trading.
Basic rules for the Market Forum are same as official forum rules.

Please refer to this link to get more information about the official forum rules.

Illegal trade

Any post that contains the information about illegal trade will be removed by administrator.

The term "Illegal trade" includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Real cash (USD, Reais, Visa, Paypal, etc.)
  • Wcoin
  • Accounts
  • Characters
  • Non-tradable items (Rare Item Tickets, Gold Channel Tickets, etc.)
In addition, the accounts of users who get involved in illegal trade will have disadvantage such as account restriction.

Trade Fraud

Users who write a post with a purpose to scam others trough trading will have disadvantage such as account restriction.

Posting Guideline

In order to avoid excessive "flooding" such as repeated topics, or creating one topic for each item,
only three topics corresponding to three different subjects are permitted for each user for a moderate period of time.
  1. Topic for Buying
  2. Topic for Selling
  3. Topic for Trading
Topics that ignore this three topic per user policy will be removed by administrator.

Have fun discussing on the Official Global Mu Online Forum!

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