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[Event] Pimp my Build

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  • [Event] Pimp my Build

    MU Legend
    has been available for a while now and players have started to become masters of their classes! So, we thought it was time to bring you the Pimp My Build event!

    Levelling your character is a special experience, and with the many options the soul-level system brings, players might feel a little disorientated. The best way to find the full potential for your class, regardless of whether you are a new or an old player, is by sharing information and helping friends. This is also the most fun way to learn, and for that reason we have a special event... maybe even the veterans will be able to learn something!

    The MU Legend team has decided to help you out in this discovery, with a Pimp My Build event for MU Legend.

    The rules are as follows:
    1) Go to the Guides section of the forum.
    2) Create a topic with a title like "[PMB] Class Name by Character Name".
    3) Introduce yourself: Your character's name, guild, and why you like this gameplay.
    4) Your build: What type of build is it (PVE, PVP, Hybrid, which specialization), what are the spells, where are the Soul Points spent, and why this choice.
    5) How you play your class now, what you like and don't like about it.
    6) Players can post only one guide for each class.

    To get an idea of how you should approach this contest, simply think of what you would look for in a guide to your class if you were a completely new player to MU Legend. Be clear and use language that is understandable; make it stand out from the crowd as best you can (think of a layout and include images), give all the information you think is necessary and, of course, originality always goes a long way with our jury!

    This event will officially start today, July 3rd (with this announcement), and will finish on August 8th (inclusive).

    After this date, the MU Legend team will put together scorecards: They will each individually score every build for the class they are marking and allow us to gather average scores for each entry! To provide you with a little extra boost for this event, we're also going to give away these fantastic prizes to the 3 best guides for each class (15 bundles total):
    • 3x Blue Imprint Scrolls
    • 3x Red Imprint Scrolls
    • 1x Seal of Oblivion Tier 1
    • 1x Seal of Oblivion Tier 2
    • 100k Magic Gems
    To post your guide, create a topic with a title like "[PMB] Class Name by Character name" in the Guides section of your language's forum.

    Feel free to participate, either by publishing your build or by commenting on and discussing your comrades' topics!