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Poll - MU Legend as a tabletop roleplaying game?

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  • Poll - MU Legend as a tabletop roleplaying game?

    "The Giant spider falls from the shadows of the high ceiling shaking the ground as if any Colosseum statue would have felt on the floor.
    Glowing from afar, you can see the portal to escape the rift whereas the monster is blocking the path with its 3… no! 5 meters width!

    Human magician: Ho! Come on!
    Dwarf warrior: The bigger they are, the bigger their treasure!
    Elf archer: Stupid dwarf: The bigger this thing is, the bigger the stomach!
    Halfling cleric: You’ll see, it’s gonna be for my face…

    Your balance is compromised while pursuing its sudden assault, the octopod monstrosity rushed straight to your cleric!

    Halfling Cleric in laconic mode: “Ho… me again… what a surprise… -_-
    GM: At All! Roll the dice to avoid a fall on the floor!
    Dwarf warrior: I have +30 in all Subterranean encounter, +15 against Spider greater than 2 meters, +20 for ground shaking, +50 in boulder dash
    Elf archer: I jump on the dwarf shoulders!
    Dwarf: Hey!
    Human magician screams: I throw a “Screenshotus!” spell!
    GM: "Roll dice, roll your destiny while the gigantic unnatural creature obscures the room with its formidable size!”

    “Roll… Ho, a critic failure, I am sooo surprised…
    Roll… Héhéhé! Success +256%!
    Roll… Success +257%, 256% dwarf support added to my only 1% talent in cave environment made it all!
    Roll… *Flash* and first initiative taken!”

    GM: “The sudden explosion of light from your magician’s spell, petrifies the action!
    Freezing anyone in your team, the giant spider as well, the large Magician’s Book of Visual Memories summoned all of a sudden in the air, immortalizing the incongruous scene for eternity!

    Such scene could occur during a MU Legend tabletop version of the game.

    Could you imagine MU Legend as such? Would you enjoy having the MU universe converted in an 80ies old school roleplaying game?

    Yes, Bring it on!
    Don't know, I have never played at such games.
    No, don't have time, don't have people to play with, don't like the idea, usual unlucky guy...
    *Roll dice* 1 to 3 "no", 4 to 6 "yes.

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    If you want a setting for typical p'n'p RPG it could be good. If you are thinking about a dungeon crawl game like Descent (or recently Gloomhaven) then I think competiotin is really fierce. MU Legend is an action hack and slash game not a typical RPG, but the audience overlaps, I think.

    MU online has good brand connected fond memories for a lot of us so that would e your advantage.


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      There should be the option to vote: first take care of your running games and then start new projects.

      And why the heck is this poll in the roleplay section of the forum?

      And what the heck is this option, No, don't have time, don't have people to play with, don't like the idea, usual unlucky guy...
      This one should have been a simple and short No.

      The last option is useless anyway for a serious poll.
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        MU legend already is 80s roleplaying game.
        Managed server disconnect, disabling skills or enchantment from +7 to +2.
        With installed games overview and responsive enchanting forums.
        Sad old face you have, pitty it has a superior wart on it and a droped pet shoulders as website of fun that it never had.
        Uninstalled, whats dhat european server name of yours, was that ip error.


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          "purchase 10 red imprints for a second damage roll"


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            I like table top.


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              Hmmm... I wonder what it'll be like if there was a tabletop of this game...


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                "Field event card" -> "Go to lupas library, pay 50 redzen to get out"

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              Doesnt sound inspiring, so if i sound negative.