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Commandments of Venti

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  • Commandments of Venti

    Hey guys, Alex here and…
    …Oh wait! (clear throat)

    Gr-gr-greetings, and welcome in Lupa’s Library.
    I am Venti, and I’m working in the Library, maybe you already had a chance to meet me?

    *Venti seems very calm, but stutters on a few words*
    We have in these walls thousands of manuscripts, from all eras of the MU continent. While Lupa was studying the secrets of the Rift, he gathered a tremendous amount of information and every bit has been documented and archived here.
    *Venti points out an endless alley of the library*
    In this section, you will find all the tales we have about the landmark figures of our known world.
    *Venti walks you along the alley*
    For some of them the records only contain rumors, word of mouth, legends. For some others, we have an Encyclopaedic mine of information: genealogy, stories of adventures, reports for brothers in arms, etc.

    While this place is most of the time quiet, appropriate for studies, in some circumstances, Ancient Templars [OOC]also known as moderators[/OOC] can lose their wandering routine and put back in the correct path visitors that wouldn’t respect the rules of this place.
    *Venti stops, next to an ancient desk, you can see a candle, more manuscript paper than you ever saw in your scholar’s life, an inkwell and a finely-ornamented quill*
    Well, I think we covered the basics, feel free to write about the important characters that our librarians might have missed. [OOC]Our dear players[/OOC]
    I have an appointment now, so I’ll leave you here…
    Oh, one last thing: Visitors are not welcome, and sometimes, I need to take care of a few intruders. Carry on with your tasks, we’ll handle this…

    Hello everyone,
    Today, we will try something new. Some of our players love to give a background story to their character. They are not just a level 65 Blader… They have a name, a past, their own story!
    We want to encourage this.
    We are now opening this Role Play section in which you can present your character, your guild, but only in a role play fashion. This is not a recruiting post, you can of course link to it in the other section, this is the start of your own story!
    If you wonder what the OOC tags mean, it’s “Out of Character”, when you write within those tags, you are speaking, not your character.
    Please keep it to a minimum.
    OOC presentation will be moved to the other sections of the forum.
    Also, don’t take the role-play as an excuse to be insulting, racist, or breaching any of the existing rules of the forum.

    It’s now time to give you the quill, and to let you write your tales![/OOC]

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