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Bring in the Magic Gladiator/Dark Knight if you would+ Advertise

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  • Bring in the Magic Gladiator/Dark Knight if you would+ Advertise

    I am very impressed that the old whisperer from ages ago has got a class split. Though I think the new class far out powers the old old one available when the game came out.. But it is closer to the grass roots the whisperer once was. You know... The def/att booster from old school Mu.

    That said if you guys went through all the trouble to make 2 whisperer classes. WTH happened to the Magic Gladiator!!!?

    Bring back the mighty Magic Glad man please. His skills were so sweet. Also the Dark Knight.....

    On that note... Would it hurt to put in a ton of advertising to boost the player base? I mean this game took years to make and I don't see anything online advertising to players to come join the greatness that actually is MU Legend. It is the better version of the old one unlike some other games... Runescape...

    Maybe get some popular streamers to play the game for a bit. Be sure to let everyone know also....That the game does not actually start until level 70...It has changed sense release and things really don't even pose a minor challenge till you hit Noria.

    Which is still awesome for me as that is where I left the game before I came back.