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Event idea: A classic, fixed duration, challenge server

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  • Event idea: A classic, fixed duration, challenge server

    In case players start getting bored between updates, here's an event idea.

    What if Webzen opened a pre-Noria or Noria patch server that lasted for a fixed amount of time, let's say a month.
    That server would have high exp boost, so you could get started relatively quickly.
    Once the server ended, there would be no migration of characters, but the top players(or guild) of each category would receive GOOD rewards in the main/current server.
    The categories would be faction war, 3v3 PvP and soul level(to lure those PvE freaks too ).

    The dream would be to have just a single global server, so that EU and US could finally see who are the best of the best . However, I don't know how bad the lag would be between EU and US east. Maybe someone who has played MuL on a foreign server can tell how bad the lag is? Personally, I would be willing to give a shot at playing on 130 ping on US(I'm from EU). If lower ping would be too much advantage, maybe it would be necessary to have separate servers for each region.
    If it was playable though, and the whole event server worked well, the next future event server could be located in the other region.

    The rationale for this idea:

    Revive 3v3
    -I know a lot of players who would like to see this happen

    -(If possible) See who are the top players/guilds in the whole NA/EU community

    Pre-Noria or Noria(it's a different MuL experience)
    - Non-1-shot meta, golden era of PvP (IMO)
    - Re-visit old PvE content
    - Nostalgia for veteran players

    What do you think about this? Would you be interested in participating? Vote in the poll which version you would play, and preferably post the reason why.
    Pre-Noria(lvl 65)
    Pre-Noria(lvl65) with set accessories(fire cave, ice cave, pit)
    Noria(lvl 70)
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    Make no sense, just make ur character and play pvp here, how can you get bored if you played your character maybe 1 week. Get HP and reduction and you wont get one shoted.


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      3v3 in it's prime > chaos castle. That's how I see it. The new PvP map is dead. So the game is just a lesser version to me. If you still think I make no sense, maybe you didn't play 3v3 when it was awesome.
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