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  • Character Appearance Change

    Well, the title says it all. i have been playing this game since lvl 65 cap. and man this game eats a ton of money and time.
    i love how the progress of my character up until now, in fact i have reached 1million cp already and currently at the top 10 of SEA server. but one thing i regret is that i can't change its appearance. I'm not talking about character costume and wing costume but the character appearance itself when you first created you're character. i messed up mine by how he/she looks like in game. is there any way for you guys to make this possible? i mean this is a Pay to Win game. the least you could do is let us be contented.

    thank you! you hope webzen guys read this. I'm sure im not the only one who has complaints on how our avatar looks like in game when we messed up in character creation.

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    great idea. Hope they manage to acknowledge this thread. I want to change mine too.