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Webzen has a last chance with this patch

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  • Webzen has a last chance with this patch

    I'm considered the God of gaming based on my exceptional gaming background, but I'm not going to go into that, I will just put my feedback here as I do care for this product and the future of it.

    America, specifically North America is a completely different region compared to other regions and the game wouldn't be at this stage if Webzen didn't adjust to the market. Anyways, based on the current population as well as this upcoming update Webzen has a last chance to turn things around and it will start by sacrificing something for the greater good.

    What I'm talking about is eliminating the "Pay to Win" tag this game as well as this company has reputed over the years. The North American market is very brutal when it comes to Paying to Win designs. The good news is I've seen how generous it is for non paying to win products who've amassed hundreds of millions over couple of years, coming as "completely free to play".

    The bigger the audience the more appealing the game becomes and the more funding/support/donations it will receive on top of the free advertising that comes from word of mouth. I know its probably too late as the update comes tomorrow, but still Webzen whatever funds you believe you will receive with keeping the game at the same course will cost you far more what you could have.

    Players want to feel rewarded before they start rewarding you, it's that simple. If you can't find ways to make your game "rewarding" you cannot be :"rewarded". It starts by gaining an audience and then hosting big events, races, competitions, and so on, and that's just some example.

    Good luck!

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    I agree 100% but I'd have to guess and say Korea holds the cards to make that final call and I dont see them changing their p2w money shops for a more cosmetic/non p2w items. I've played several games that are Korean origin and when brought to the English market are controlled by their Korean devs and have little voice in updates or cash shop changes. I'd like to see a change, but we all know what to expect.


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      New players were definitely NOT rewarded this last patch. ROFL.


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        Originally posted by Crossthestyx View Post
        New players were definitely NOT rewarded this last patch. ROFL.
        About what you're talking about, there're Main characters rewards and in addition Black Phantom rewards that making your new character possible to grind all locations and almost all dungeons. It's true that veterans got another buff, but what we can't comparise newcomer to someone playing from release date.

        Anyway, in my guild there's 2 guys started with latest patch and they got same CP as me where i'm playing 1 hour daily from release date. It's about 650k.


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          the new Newbie Support Chest also has better items


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            I thought adding the "rofl", at the end would solidify the sarcasm. I guess it didn't get conveyed appropriately.