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How to resolve the server disconnection problem.

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  • How to resolve the server disconnection problem.

    I think many ppls have this problem, but instead resolve this with a script, u prefer that all players send pm to a support and explain the problem,send u the screenshot and u read it, u have to verify and after u give back the key.
    Isn't it better make a script that if u are inside the dungeon and server crash, instead respown OUT u can respown at the LAsT CHECKPOINT? Didnt you ever think about that?
    i think u have the solution but u prefer take always the wrong way.

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    You have a point Eraiser, I think you should put that opinion of yours to the suggestion section. I like the idea but if we are talking about changing the game itself,(I mean the system they have for dungeon) it will take time a very long time. Changing the code is not easy, how about the animation. Just saying. For now, let's do what we can do to get what we lost and hope that the game will not close before its too late. I still hope that they will change it also.