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Purification animation and enchanting

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  • Purification animation and enchanting

    Hello, i would notificate u that purification got a "long" animation, means, if i use purification and pain immunity for protect myself, before use pain immunity have to pass 1 second, can reduce the time from 1 to istant? it will change a lot.
    If u want test it, try to make dl vs whisp, then whisperer use all the combo on dl with madness power, a dl that use in the right time when he is stunned from magnetic field cant survive

    You wrote this for talisman:
    "As it is now, you have to buy a Talisman Lucky Chest in the cash shop and cross your fingers in the hope of getting the right Cores to craft the desired Talismans. When you get what you want, it's great! But when you don't… it can create a lot of frustration and stress."

    Dont u think is the same thing about enchanting? i pay 100 redzen for cross finger and go back from +12 to +11 and retry to +11 to +10 and again to +10 to +9.. isn't frustrating?