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Happy new year 2019?

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  • Happy new year 2019?

    "2018 was the first full year for MU Legend. So much has happened!

    We would like to use this opportunity to thank every player who played MU Legend in 2018. From Beta-testers to newcomers, if you played 1000 or 2h and even if you stop playing, we thank you for the time and interest you put into our game. It means a lot to us

    We take everything, the good and the bad and will do our best to provide you the best game possible in 2019!

    So enjoy, celebrate, and prepare yourselves for a new year full of new content, events and surprises!

    Your MU Legend Team."

    "The best game possible in 2019"
    I just give u a prediction that what will be happend in 2019...
    WIthout fix bugs, p2w system, bad enchanting system, new patch (with new continent, lvl up) every 6 months, 50 bound redzen per day, bad Login check rewards, u think that u will competitive vs games like Lost ark that release in 2019?
    U know the players with brain never shop more in this game cuz of ur bad support... the guys realized that, long time ago.
    They are just waiting the new game, becouse is useless stay here and create new character just to waste time when u are 350+.
    Trust me, 90% players just move to the new game and u cant do nothing for change the things, u did a good game, but need to treat it good..
    Stop with this shop for a moment and consider what players feelings in the game. Players that stay here from 1 year have less rewards then one player or new character, an example? Horse speed 100% and Little Spellbinder. Maybe can be different if u say to the new players "if u stay with us 1 year u can get X and Y".
    This game will do the same thing of Soul of the ultimate nation. Let it Bet?

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    I will not list again what has been said about the game but I can add that it is a shame that you do not listen to the community.
    We tell our opinions on all channels:here, Discord, ingame, youtube, facebook and so on... And you guys just ignore like everything.
    I used to spend money on this game but no more... why should i do that? why should i support a game who rly don't care about the customers.
    And I will give you an example where you guys simply mock us: make our armors/weapons +15. Rly? i spent like more than 4k redzen, 12+mil gems and i forgot the number of zen and I did not get to +12.. wtf.. btw - now my weapon is +8 because i tryed +12... so please at least stop mocking us.
    that's my first full year of MU Legend... I hope you will get this message constructively. if at least someone in the team will read it.