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    Hello guys, i think u did a good job, but imho i think u can do it better.
    Is frustrating the enchant system that decrease to -1 trying to increase weapon(spending redzen/bound redzen), and with multiple fail return to back at +8/+9. Btw there isn't only weapon to increase but also armor etc, so have to think that there are 6 piece + 1/2 wep to increase.
    My suggestion is spending redzen for increase it but without de-level of -1. Maybe also increase the redzen/bound redzen for every up
    (like +10-->100r/br, +11-->125. +12-->150 , +13-->200).
    A player that spend 10-20€ for a weapon +9, losing lots materials, will not be an "happy" player, without counting that a player cant spend redzen if the item go back to +8 a consume all gems for try to go back to +9.
    I didn't see nobody in korea server, or Eu that have 1 item to +13/14, is too much risky try it, but u have to think what happend if all players dont stop to +11+12 but want try to make +15, maybe it is a good compromise. (I dont have to say this but u can have a good profit, better then this)
    I'd like to know what do u think, sorry for my bad english.


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    +1 spend redzen isnt worth actually


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      Thanks for the feedback, Eraiser ! +1
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