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Bring back all costumes

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  • Bring back all costumes

    Many people like cosmetics in games ... a way to make their character unique, to admire while they play.

    The current Legend Shop has only 1 costume and 1 pair of wings which are not nice at all. If you are not into summer costumes, it's very ugly.

    I would suggest to bring back all costumes for limited time and let users who didnt play the game before or who missed the game for a few months to be able to select a nice costume and pair of wings that they like.

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    Keep dreaming, the cash shop has been a disgrace to all cash shops in gaming since release.


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      I would honestly love to see the Constellation wings in the shop again, they were beautiful but I didn't get a chance to get a pair before they were replaced. I could also see how they would use wings/costumes as a status symbol though too, like if you were there for that month/event then you get those items, but they need to have some always available different options too, because yes, some of the options they have been giving us are UGLY. Like who designs them? Seriously!

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