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Some suggestions (As a new player.)

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  • Some suggestions (As a new player.)

    Loving the game so far, has a great feel to it, I've made two characters so far, both ranging from 29-37, just in the last couple of days. Very addicting indeed! I have a couple ideas that may help the start of the game a little less rocky dealing with a couple different aspects. I'm sure some may have already put in their input as well, and I apologize if mine is a tad redundant, I admit I didn't scavenge the forums to see if there were any similar ideas out there. I do understand this is a f2p model game, I'm not here to attack with p2w comments, as I have seen very few "p2w" elements so far in this game, which I might add is also awesome.

    However, so far I've noticed two things that kind of wreck my world a tad, one being evolution of pets needing another pet to be fodder in order to evolve. As I said, I'm a bit new around, only been playing for a few days, but unless there is a way to obtain more pets in game other than the couple I've gotten from quests so far, this may come as an issue further down the line for myself and others. I'm unsure if there are pets or pet pieces (shards for instance) that you can get as drops, but if not that would be pretty awesome. Say maybe you have a slight chance at getting a shard or more for various pets as drops and on rare occasion an entire pet from a mob or boss.

    The main thing that really kinda dampers my experience in the game is the limiters on certain dungeons. Starting from a low level these limiters make it quite hard to enter many of these dungeons and rifts, especially the ones that are only limited to once a day. The loot, once you get in one of these dungeons seems pretty spot on, so I'm not saying it is not worth it. But without some kind of cross-server dungeon queing, or another type of system it can take minutes to hours to enter one of these places, and as time goes I fear it will only get worse as people get higher and higher level, lower level players will be forced to either already know some people to play with or to sit and wait in even worse que times than what already exist. I think it'd be pretty cool to either have some kind of cross-server queing tech, or to give extra incentive to run certain dungeons more than once a day... or both. Maybe for the first run of the day you get bonus loot and exp for that run, any other run there after the loot and exp could be cut down, but still obtainable, this way players can run as much as they want and maybe even get lucky in the process. In my opinion the two together would make it feel like less of a chore to run these and make it much more fun, as it's not much fun to wait in a line for an hour with two other people, just to have them or myself give up waiting after asking people to join up the whole time with no luck.

    The last thing is the chat spam, which I'm sure everyone is well aware of. These bots make it nearly impossible to use the chat system for what it is intended to be used for. I'm sure with time this will be worked out, but I'm unsure why we have no option to block these spammers. It's great that there is a report button, I've used it on many of them, but in essence it really seems to do no good. I think the wiser option until things can eventually be fixed is to give a couple extra options on top of the initial reporting feature. Maybe there could be a feature created to block and inside of the feature for reporting, add a tagline to block as well as report. I'm sure once you all can find a way to make the bots disappear, this will also alleviate much of server stress the servers are currently encountering.

    So far that's about all I've seen than kinda take down my gameplay mood while playing the game, hopefully with time, some of these changes could get implemented, or some things along similar lines anyway. Thank you for reading and please keep up the awesome work, I know I'll be around in here for quite some time!
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    Very comprehensive and detailed feedback, thank you for sharing!
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