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Guild ASP invites players.

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  • Guild ASP invites players.

    Our server is Cara.

    A community with big history looking for active players. Our main interest is PvP and GvG. Our purpose is to get 3 stars territory and dominate the server . We don't have many rules. but the main one is to be in Team Speak 3 (voice chat program) during the game.

    Main benefits you get entering our guild:

    1) Help with passing 6.1
    2) Help with any quests from seasons.
    3) Help with information and some guides.
    4) An opportunity to take part in interesting battles with strong guilds.
    5) Benefits of 2 stars territory.
    6) Some good company.

    If you wish to achieve everything best we wait you and we will make that together .

    You can contact these people for further information:

    Leader of the guild - DeathSign
    Main officer - Minimult
    Helper - kimchanskiy

    Good luck, players!

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    GvG in the last week ASP vs Judgment
    Have a nice watching and stay chiki breeki


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      Guys, why no one came to the battle?
      Last edited by Kimchanskiy; 06-10-18, 08:13 PM.