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    Hey I just start the game... so far im 57 lvl. Soon I ll reach max lvl and whats dailies things to do or what u doing?


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    If you're just starting the game...
    (1) Follow the Main Story Line quests - it will level you up and unlock most of the things you need
    (2) Pay attention to side quests (Blue "!" symbols on NPCs), especially the ones in major towns
    (3) Get to Level 65 ASAP so you can start doing the Linda Guide quests (tons of "free" stuff)

    Not too much "daily" stuff to worry about before Level 65... The only daily stuff available to you is Garden, Mines, and Vault in the Room of Duty in Ordor. The rewards don't seem too much worth doing, but there are usually side quests from the nearby NPCs associated with each one. The other daily thing is 5x Rift entries, but with the Newbie Chest giving you free stuff all the time, it's not necessary at all.

    Don't get too cocky with "Soon I'll reach max lvl", the new max level in this current patch is 70. After 65 leveling will slow down significantly (especially 67+).

    At 65 the most important daily thing you'll unlock is the Endless tower. You will need to run this repeatedly to level up your Wings.