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Request from Newb for detailed guide,kindly.

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  • Request from Newb for detailed guide,kindly.

    Hello everyone,
    I am , as many others , new to the game . Not days new , played MU for a month last year but without the guide rewards ( there was no guide 2k17) and people refusing to communicate or create any pve environment i got lost and stopped. I played the original Mu for years as kid , got so excited to learn about this MU legend . Liked the game , and the characters are so colourful and funny , diverse .
    I have returned after i learned about Noria . The guide helped me a lot to catch up (feel sorry about the old players tho ) .
    My problem is that my knowledge about MU legend have huge holes . Its not a smooth process if i start playing from start to finish end-game char .
    I learn something every day but its just fragments of info and cant create the whole picture.
    Got stuck at 200 k spellbinder and 210 k blader . So i thought . IT cant be coincidence that i just dont know what to do on 2 separate chars in same cp range.
    The problem is that i just dont know where to go after how to continue and how long to do a specific stuff .
    There are people on the forum claiming that after Linda guide you end up 280 k and you can do the final part of linda and enter Area 6-1.
    I can't. Got to 5 page Linda guide in the middle of it . Already used all wing growth stones , wings tier3 lvl 5 and i would probably need 2 k more stones which is impossible to grind in endless tower that amount.
    For the artefact i already managed to secure 5 awakened fragments sunrise from alchemist but 250 fragments idk ... lupa drops around 5 if lucky lol .
    Weps mythic +7 lvl 65, gear on blader Pheil set + 7 , pet tier 4,10 .I am missing jewels and have only normal imprints from AH but i guess ill jump to 220 230 k only when i jewel /imprint. After that is mystery
    So i wont be able to finish Linda guide without entering 6-1 which for i need 280 k cp. But from now on I dont know where to go or what to do .

    TLDR : Please OLD player but who made a new char into Noria patch , so he could ran through the same things I did , make a
    DETAILED full guide 1-70 , 1-300 k CP step by step .
    I know it's a lot and huge time consuming to ask but you dont know HOW MANY PEOPLE NEED this .... Please !
    Because i wanna play the game but when i log in i feel lost and demotivated right away
    P.S I know that end-game content takes time and im not one of those ( PLZ GIMME ) in 1 day , I just need to KNOW the path .