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[What was Missed] Soulstone Researcher

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  • [What was Missed] Soulstone Researcher

    Some of the added content were not included in the Announcements and Patch Notes for the Noria update.

    And so I take it upon my awesome self to introduce them, especially to our newer players.

    First off is the Soulstone Researcher!

    Found at the upper-left portion of the Ohrdor-Commercial District (right beside the Alchemist Merchant), this helpful dude will give you random items.

    Once you talk to him, you have the option to either Extract Ether or to do a Soul Forging.

    • Here, you can dismantle Crafting Materials and Soul fragments in order to get Ether Energy.
    • The amount of Ether Energy that you will get is pretty random. I once got 500 Ethers for a Targash's Burned Bone and then 300 for the same item.
    • For the newbies, here's what it looks like:
    • Here, you use your Ether Energy to try and break the 8 Sealstones that are surrounding the main crystal. Random amounts of Ether will be used per try and the success rate of breaking a seal is random.
    • Once a seal is broken, a random item will appear and will be sent to your inventory. Shining sealstones will give better items.
    • After all 8 seals are broken, you can now try to unseal the main crystal in order to get another random item.
    It all depends on luck and the rewards are not always grand. But considering that you will be dismantling trash items in order to get the Ether Energy, then it's all worth it

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    Pretty nifty guide, i was curious on what this NPC was but thanks to this guide +1.
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      Update, the bottom-most one consumes 15 Ether.. The rest costs 5.


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        BowPeace What do you do after opening the middle crystal? There seems to be a greyed out "next level 1/3" at the bottom


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          I'm not able to use it yet as I'm currently short on Redzen. But I will give an update ASAP.


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            One thing I want to correct. All 8 sealstones cost only 5 points each. Sometimes there will be one of the seal stones that light up. Clicking on those lit up ones cost 15 points.

            As far as next level you can click that once you open all seals and middle seal. It cost 40 redzen i believe and it basically resets it. The rewards you can get are still the same from lvl 1 to 3 as far as I can tell. I tried up to lvl 3 a few times and didnt recieve anything different from what i could recieve on first level. So basically your paying 40 redzen to go again at opening all the seals.