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[PMB] WarMage by LearKing

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  • [PMB] WarMage by LearKing

    Hello everyone !!!
    My name is King , Character's name is LearKing , Guild is VN_Legend and i like this game
    I build PVP and PVE and Zen , Pvp you maybe equipment ring set accurary , PVE you equipment ring set ellite/boss , how about zen? you should make 1 set different for zen.
    Soul build : if you have <180 lvl soul , you should build 30HP 60CoolDown and any point soul other add ATK, when you <240lvl add all point other for crit rate , when you <300lvl add crit dame
    Maybe someone don't like this game because it's very hard for new member start equals zero, You practice 24h to level 65 for newbies but then you suddenly realize lvl 65 is nothing because it is just a mold for you to join with other players.
    My class WarMage , it's request skill player very hard when you strong , but it's very easy for newbies when final mainquest
    All class have different characteristics , If you want to be the strongest, you should practice your character skillfully and be able to handle all the problems as it happens.
    Have enjoy ! Good luck and see you later