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[PMB] Spellbinder PvE guide by Athenae

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  • [PMB] Spellbinder PvE guide by Athenae

    Hey, im the guy who plays Athenae in Sezak, a little spellbinder that always tries to help in any way possible on dungeons, to be honest, Spellbinder launch was the reason for me on coming back to the game, after i left it for university and stuff.

    Today i will bring you a little guide about how to improve your Spellbinder gameplay on PvE (grinding, farming, etc), so lets go.

    First, i want to enumerate what are we gonna talk about Spellbinder, since there are a lot of ways to customize her play style, so we'll be going in categories divides by:

    1.- The introduction to Spellbinder
    2.- Skills
    3.- Soulbox
    4.- Gear
    5.- Growth Guide
    6.- Artifact & Soulstones
    7.- Gamestyle and resumen

    1.- Introduction to Spellbinder

    As anyone knows, Spellbinder is considered to be a support class, is that right? WRONG. Spellbinder is one of the most versatil characters in the entire game. She can literally be anything from low to high profile, she can tank at low profile, dps at mid/high profile and support in a standard way (doesnt means she's 100% a support, even her dps abilities allow her to support properly)

    The start of spellbinder is harsh, she has a lot of defense compared to other clases but she lacks at damage in the early stages into the game: even with all this into mind she has no problem by doing everything by herself, even will be kinda though, the 65 first levels shouldn't be a problem for a solo player.

    She has an amazing kit which allow her to deal insane dps while doing some help to the team as well as an incredible AoE damage, she covers the biggest space of damage with her abilities than anyone in the game, which means she can hurt enemies all around with no problems.

    Now with this little introduction out of the way lets move on to Spellbinder kit.

    2.- Skills

    As i said before, spellbinder covers almost all the screen with her skillset, but which skills should i use? and which ones are actually good? what kind of weapons should i use?

    To begin with, you gotta understand that this is a PvE spellbinder build. even tho dual one-handed weapon gives passive of attack speed, spellbinder relies more on her abilities rather than auto attacks, so we'll go with the Two handed Weapon instead, since it decreases enemies armor by 10%

    Now, which one of the 3 abilities that spellbinder has for the weapon is the best one?

    First lets go with each one of them:

    - Boomerang Blade: deals 70% of your damage, the weapon flies in and back, dealing damage in both instances, is not bad but is not good either, is really inconsistent for being the primary attack for us.

    - Blade Reflection: deals 130% of your damage and the blade bounces into enemies up to 5 times. this one is directly bad, is not worth to use consistently to our build.

    - Spinning Blade: deals 55% of yyour damage in a little aoe, the blade stays there for 3 seconds. This one is the best one to use over the rest.

    Now with all that out of the way, lets go straight to Spellbinder skill kit, im gonna mark close to their names the stages that can be used the abilities (later they are ovewriten by better ones)

    - Storm Shuriken (all instances of the game): It deals 250% damage in a triangular shape in front of spellbinder to all enemies (the shurikens doesnt stop after hitting the frontliner target)

    - Bloody Flower (early/mid) : Deals 385% damage in a short targetable AoE that also slows enemies for 40% of their movement speed.

    - Iron Stinger (early): Deals 485% damage in a frontline rectangular AoE and applies a debuff that deals 25% damage at enemies DoT for 3 secs

    - Illusionary image (all instances of the game): Teleports you whenever you chose and increases yourself and allies 8% movement speed for 3 seconds

    - Captivating Kiss (early): deals 370% damage in the same shape as Storm Shuriken but smaller, it also slows enemies and by each enemy charmed you win 2% attack (up to 5 stacks)

    - Counter Barrier (all instances of the game): deals 520% damage in a big circular AoE around Spellbinder, it also decreases enemies attack by 10% and increases your attack by 5% and your allies attack by half that amount (inside the barrier)

    - Illusionary Gate (all instances of the game): deals DoT damage at 210% for 5 seconds and slowing enemies movement speed by 50% per 3 seconds

    - Protection Barrier (all instances of the game): deals DoT damage at 95% with the same shape as Counter Barrier, it also makes spellbinder inmune to all sources of attack & debuff per 1.5 seconds after using it and it grants 10% damage reduction inside the barrier and half to your allies, it also decreases enemies defense by 20%.

    - Flower of Death (specifically to some dungeons): deals 425% damage in a smaller AoE than the rest of the barriers, but also aplies a debuff which consist in that if the enemy is killed, up to 5 enemies will recieve 75% extra damage, the damage is dealed to every single enemy affected even if they dont die.

    - Hope's Call (better use in PvP): deals 540% damage and stuns enemies for 1.5 seconds

    - Steps of light (all instances of the game): deals 110% damage to all enemies around spellbinder and increases 50% movement speed for 8 seconds

    - Spiritual Collapse (best in PvP): deals 775% damage in a short range in front of spellbinder and also decreases enemy's mana by 50%

    - Mutation (best in PvP): deals 615% damage and mutates the affected enemy, transforming him into a chicken for 2.5 and decreasing his defense by 50%

    - Chakram (late game): deals DoT damage 350% in a moving forward chakram.

    Now, lets go through the expert skills that spellbinder has:

    LVL 25 Expert Skill: Illusion Rampage (best skill): Deals 270% periodical damage in a small AoE for 3 seconds. In adition, gives +571 HP, +17 Attack and +25 Defense, and the Passive Essence Absortion, which grants you 5% lifesteal each time you kill an enemy with a crit attack.

    LVL 25 Expert Skill: Phantasmal Rain (defensive skill): Deals 105% in a big AoE for 5 seconds, and slows enemies in the AoE by 60% for 1 second. In adition, gives +1052 HP, +13 Attack and +29 Defense, and the Passive Spiritual Stimulation, which grants 5% extra defense as long as there are 5 enemies or more in 10 meters around you.

    LVL 45 Expert Skill: Telekinetic Storm (good PvP/party grinding ability): Deals 470% damage and drags enemies by the center of the storm. In adition, gives +1525 HP, +45 Attack and +45 Defense, and the Passive Time Warp, which grants 3% movement speed & attack as long as you have more than 80% of health

    LVL 45 Expert Skill: Life Barrier (full support skill): Deals 150% damage in a big AoE for 5 seconds and heals you by 5% and half that amount to your party. In adition, enemies caught in the AoE will have their HP Regen decreased by 100%. It gives +1234 HP, +30 Attack and +60 Defense, and the passive Celestial Prayer, which improves the effects of your barriers by 20%

    LVL 65 Expert Skill: Time Barrier (most powerfull spellbinder ability): Deals 850% instant damage in a big AoE and also aplies a buff to you and your party: increases movement speed by 20% (half for allies), cast a shield in everyone for 3.5 seconds that block any abnormal status (half for allies) and it slows enemies by 90% for 5 seconds. In adition it gives +2413 HP, +48 Attack and +72 Defense, and the passive Hopeful Will, which decreases the cooldown of your barriers by 1 second.

    IM NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THE LAST ONE, the only important parts of the last expert skill are that gives +1770 HP, +53 Attack and +77 Defense, and the passive Mana Energy, which increases your mana recovery by 15% (pls webzen buff this ability)

    3.- Soulbox

    As you saw at the beginning of my guide, spellbinder relies in all her abilities: the big downside about that is that they have inmense cooldowns:

    To start up, start with 30 points on HP, since the Lifesteal is great on every single character in the game, Then, try to max as fast as you can CDR, since you need those abilities to keep poping up, either to help your team or to deal more amounts of damage.

    From here now is optative: if you solo play then go max attack, if you play with friends and they dont lack damage then try to support more and max Defense, is important to remind you that Spellbinder is versatil and can cover almost every rol to a great point. After you surpase the 90 Attack go on defense or Crit Damage how you feel it, but since we currently have a lot of ways of getting Crit Damage i would recomend going for Defense, after all it doesnt matter how strong you are if you cant survive, right?

    4.- Gear

    Now this is a complex part, first of all you gotta understand that the best gear that Spellbinder has out there is the Iskandar Sword set, it gives crit damage and attack, but most important it buffs yourself with even more ridiculous damage. You can go a 4/2 which some spellbinder use (that is, having 4 Iskandar Sword parts with 2 Gold Temple Decoration parts for the 25% MP cost reduction)

    But this could take days, even MONTHS to reach the full set, so what should i get instead? Specific parts, and there are a lot of those that are really good:

    Two Handed Weapon: Ruthless slaughter, is literally the best PvE weapon for Spellbinder. If you cant afford it for now then go for the Giant's Ring (I dont remember the name exactly and, since the merging of servers is happening, broker is deactivated to check) which is a smaller version of Ruthless Slaughter (is an ancient weapon)

    Helm: Any dragon hunter with CDR and Crit Rate: is literally the best combo, the remaining option can be Attack or Acc, how you like it, but CDR and Crit Rate has to be your base.

    Chest: Soul commander, Dragon hunter: Soul commander is the best one to farm more Soul EXP at fast rate if you can get it with CDR and Evasion/Attack/ADR, alternatively you can get a Dragon Hunter with CDR/ADR/Evasion/CC which is also very good.

    Pants: Any Dragon Hunter with CC/Attack/Evasion/ADR is good enough

    Gloves: Concentration Spring Ambards/Dragon Hunter: Spring Ambards makes you lose Attack or Crit Rate, but gives ADR+2% and Crit Damage +15%, alternatively you can get a Dragon Hunter with close 15% Crit Damage, Crit rate and Attack which would be way better.

    Shoulder: Dragon Hunter: get one with CDR/CC/Attack/Alternative (choose between HP and ACC)

    Boots: Vanguard Sandals, Forgotten Slaughterer Sandals: Vanguard is more defensive with 5% evasion and ADR 2%, while Slaughterer is way more agressive with his +20% Elite/Boss damage & 5% CDR, so chose acording to your game style

    Earring, Ring and Necklace: Lost dragon eye, Dragon Slaughterers (if attack), Dragon Ornate (If defensive), Overwhelming life Ring or their variants in Set.

    5.- Growth Guide

    Alright, so you hit lvl 65 and you dont know what to do now, right? Then lets go through what you should do to begin with.

    - Find yourself a Growing/Level up/Grinding Guild.

    Now, this step is really important, Growing guilds give various buffs, as +20% Magic gem drop, +20% Zen drop and +20% Soul EXP gain, which is important to grind those stuff that really matters to us: Magic gems are going to be core when enchanting/crafting/growing wings, Zen is gonna be important to build our gear, growing wings and differtent stuff, and Soul EXP would be key to keep us powerful towards the game.

    - Start with the basic Growth Guide for MU Legend

    If you press the "Escape" key you'll see the Growth Guide that the game has, which includes the amount of times you can do a certain dungeon, the dungeons that you can enter to and the completed dungeons, also keep in mind your hotkey "N" for future overdrives.

    - The Rift: The rift is a crucial part of our farming. On normal circunstances you only get 5 entries per day (+2 if you have premium) and can be useful to farm everything in one: Soul, Zen, Magic Gems, Hero tokens (Crucial for option reseting/weapon equipement slot/crafting) and various normal/rare/heroic items that you can later Dismantle to get some normal/rare/whole neck/whole crystal (also crucial in item reset). This stage has something peculiar for over the other ones, and is that it can be send it into Overdrive, which means you can enter unlimited times to the rift, even tho you have already wasted your entries (and if you still have them, you can enter without them counting in). The overdrive can be found in All three contintents, so be careful when one enters into overdrive on the N tab.

    - Fabrice's Garden

    Now this one is very, very, VERY important as you can tell by my black all caps VERY, because is where you can find pet crafting and PETS, which will boost your CP and allow you to evolve the best ones into better ones, do it every day. Also, you'll find crafting material for better potions, like the 50% reg one and 30% insta regen.

    - Magic gem Mine: This one is not bad but not good, it gives around 3.5 to 5k magic gem per run, and since on low levels we'll be needing all magic gems possible, try to farm this dungeon every day as well.

    - Blood Castle: Everything here is important at low levels: from the Skill Crest, which will give you Crest to boost your skills (enter into the menu with the K hotkey), Jewel of Bless, and more magic gems, it all depends on the speed you do it tho: Faster = more stuff. I recomend for this one going 2 Mobility + all barriers & Flower Death to get the biggest AoE possible and kill everything faster.

    - Luery's Secret Vault

    This one is OK, is not that really important, since you can farm more gold in an Overdrive than here, but here you can farm some zen, go for it if you need it.

    - Endless Tower

    Another one of the Most important to do, gives Seal of Power which can be traded in the NPC of Ohrdor for boxes, but most important Wing Growth Stone and Wing Evolution Stone. REALLY important to keep farming those wings to get a sweet bonus attack.

    - Bot AI

    This one is OK, it gives 3k magic gem per run (if you win all 10 bots), do it if you need it.

    - Epic Dungeons: Dragon's Haven & Sanctum of Dragon Knight

    Really important part for our growing guide, gives up to Set items which are important to craft the Iskandar Sword set that we were talking about, if you get really lucky you could get some cool mythicals that can be sold for a lot of Zen/Redzen on the broker. Get a party or some friends and grind it Every day if you can.

    - Pit, Ice Cave & Fire Cave (180k+ CP)

    The last 2 are really important for Heroic crest farming, but at the cost of sage's stones, same as epic dungeons: get a strong party and start grinding. Pit of the Dead, even tho it doesnt has the best drop rates in the world, is important to keep the luck in your side. Set Equipement is the most strong part of the current game, and even if you dont get the chance to drop an Aveeter's Cube, you would still get Phantom Fragments, which can be crafted later into a Phantom Cube, the current best cube in the game.

    - Lupa's Labyrinth

    Ok, so now i FINALLY get to talk about a GOOD dungeon: this is gonna be your life from now on until you die: the perfect way to farm Soul, and Artifacts. If you already have an artifact then grind it daily for the exp, give yourself some time and you'll see how fast you will progress. for early levels i recommend spamming lupa 1 everytime, since is the easiest and it gives a good bunch of exp. Once you surpass the lvl 135 barreer, lupa 21 is the one that you should spam to keep your farming at the day, and after lvl 160 go for a constant lupa 41 until lvl 200, which you jump onto lupa 51.

    You can pretty much solo it with rainbow with no problems.

    - Daily Missions

    Alright, this step please DO NOT SKIP IT, try to do as much as you can, since it gives the oportunity to get Dukan's, which you can trade in the Dukan NPC on Ohrdor for Set, extra entrances to certain dungeons and ress stones.

    With rainbow you shouldnt get any problems on, at least, doing myth 3.

    6.- Artifact and Soulstone

    Now lets analice, without Noria out there, what are the best Artifacts and which Soulstones should i equip on my gear:

    Soulstone: Every class specific except for Shoulder (Orman Soulstone): This is exclusively for PVP, you are trading 2% CDR for 2% acc? who needs acc in PvE, just get the normal Shoulder soulstone and save the Orman for a PvP Gear.

    Onto the Artifacts, spellbinder shines with 2 of them the most: Rainbow & Hysteria:

    gives spellbinder a lot of buffs to stay alive, is specially crucial for early levels because dungeons are really hard to pass. Rainbow gives between Defense matters and Attack matters, so is your perfect choice for soloing dungeons with his perfect balancing of buffs.

    Now dont get me wrong, this Artifact is Amazing at late stages of the game as well, it can be used everytime, is literally the best one but you miss some damage, so where can i get some damage?

    Hysteria is the one that everyone uses, why? because this stages of the games is ruled by RNG, there is no skill whatsoever, the one that gets the proc is the top damage and is all about luck. Anyway, besides the luck and all those, it gives insane amounts of Crit Damage, which stacks pretty well with the Crit Rate set that we were building earlier. This will let you finish Lupa faster, Endless tower, Pit of the Dead, you name it. The only downside is that is only worth on equiping it at level 80.

    7.- Gamestyle

    The gamestyle of spellbinder is pretty simple: hit & run if you are soloing, stay behind your tanks, follow your team and dont let them go alone. Help them! thats all that matters on her kit: use the 10% ADR to keep them alive, use Time Barrier to keep the enemies away from them, and deal insane amounts of damage to take agro and run.

    The skillbuild that i personally recomend are 3 with 2 being alternatives:

    The party build: this one is for those dungeons that have mobs all over the place, you just pull them together and anihilate them with your team, is pretty simple and straight forward

    The party "i tank i pull them boys" build, or just Hit'n'Run: with this one you get more mobility at the cost of losing some damage: surviving on top dungeons isnt easy so always try to have this build working. The build can work with both Counter Barrier and Time Barrier.

    The maximum Hysteria proc: since the wall deals half damage than Chakram, sometimes you are mising a big portion of damage, so why not just use Chakram to get that sweet 2 Million proc instead of the wall and his miserable 1 Mill? The build can work with both Counter Barrier and Time Barrier

    You can change some abilities as well, like the Storm ability for the shurikens for more dps, but i would 100% recommend going with 2 mobilities and the Protect Barrier.

    And thats it, i hope it can help you grind with more ease your pretty little spellbinder into a big powerful machine of death. Thanks!

    EDIT: so, since Noria droped out, it seems correctly to make a quick edit on what, at least, i have experienced so far with the game:

    The Skill Build changes a bit: Instead of playing with a barrier Hit'n'Run you wanna go Shurikens to keep constant damage, Why? Because of the Artifact Sunrise, since it gives in return for constant damage: the update keeps Spellbinder a really constant low-risk dps (previously it was all about Hysteria rng on wheter you take the aggro or not). About Rainbow is not worth it unless you got the Awakened artifact, and is better for utility Spellbinder rather than dps (with the less 30% awakened lvl 40 effect + the Soulstones of avalanchera's shurikens + the protective barrier + the basic 2-handed weapon means -75% less defense on the enemy, perfect for making your dps stronger). Havent tried Hysteria so far, well actually i did: on boss fights Sunrise still way ahead about Hysteria, but maybe the awakening would be nice, even so it have to wait a long time for it.

    Do NOT underestimate Lupa's Awakening dungeon: yeah is not that hard in terms of mobs attack but the HP and the fact that you cant skip (almost) any of the floors makes it really hard and interesting, try to get some boys to partner up with to try the dungeon, otherwise get some soul, gear, and near 7k Attack/Defense and you'll have no problems on soloing till 18 (19+ is hard in terms that the enemies have way too much hp).

    In terms of gear, so far Glory of Noria Chakram should have you cover up until yyou get the Noria Kingdom Chakram mythical weapon. The soulstones seems pretty underwhelming, except for the Phantasmal Rain (i think is called) one and the Spiritual Collapse. On the rest of the gear (helm, top, etc) i would recommend the set piece of the phantasmal/bloody flower combo, you can get a temporary lvl 66-70 gear as well but i recommend going for this set combo. The new mighty head piece that you can craft also is dope at least for the early game of lvl 70.

    Talismans are up your choice, keep that in mind, do all dungeons as you can and farm a lot of soul on the <300 dungeons/lupa runs (one lupa awakened 5 right now is about 1.7-2 million soulexp).

    and thats all i can add up for now, Good luck!

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    Sicknamebruh what a guide!

    Very well put together with screenshots to back it up i'll be using this guide myself on my spellbinder.
    Great job!

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      ty for this im new in the game and start learning it, you help me a lot, but some stuff kinda confusing me, as a healer:
      1. which crest better for every skill?
      2. where to buy the item to revive? or i can do that as a healer class?
      3. do you recommend this class for a nob who just start the game or i try with another class?


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        1.- Mainly cdr crests are the best for each ability, the rest it depends on the ability itself: if is a dps go for attack/crit damage/crit/rate/penetration, if is an utility ability go manacost/buff duration
        2.- on the PvP npc currently is the only way (requires pvp tokens), also, after the Faction Wars ends, all the guilds who participated on it will be grantes a territory which you can follow (at the cost of some trophy coins) and there, with some contribution points (the purple currency) you can buy daily 3 resurrections.
        3.- completly, it helps the team in many ways and deal insane amounts of damage, 100% recomended


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          What a great guide - thank you!