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[PMB] PvE Blader by Masterbaiter

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  • ZzBinLunzZ
    started a topic [PMB] PvE Blader by Masterbaiter

    [PMB] PvE Blader by Masterbaiter

    My character name is Masterbaiter, and my guild is Not2Day. I am playing in Legacy server – Sezak. I really like my build because it has all the skills that provide mobility, survivability and damage. I built this build myself and it is the solid build I have been using for a long time.
    This is a PvE build and you can clear any end-game content solo or group. End-game contents are Endless Tower, Awakened Lupa Labyrinth, Fire and Ice Dungeon, Epic Dungeon, Pit of the Dead, Airship Defense, and Blood Castle, etc.

    • Cyclone – it provides consistent damage and extra mobility
    • Earth Cleave – one of the highest damage skill with low cooldown
    • Sweep – it provides mobility to dash out from boss skill or dangerous situation
    • Reverse Rage – provide MP recovery so you can spam your skills, it is also a good Damage per Second skill.
    • Leap Attack – high damage skill with the low cooldown and you can use this skill as mobility skill to jump out of dangerous situation
    • Assault or Piercing Slash (one hand weapon main skill, MP generator) – skill animation is fast and decisive.
    • Redemption – One of the best immunity skill in the game

    EXPERT SKILL: A class can only choose 3 Expert Skill
    • Overdrive: Reverse Rage Skill
    • Fray: Sweep Skill
    • Strong: Iron Armor Skill

    ALTERNATE EXPERT SKILL: Breakthrough is mainly for mobility when you use Leap Attack.
    • Breakthrough: Infinite Charge Skill

    ***** I would recommend using Strong because the passive for that expert skill is 5% Evasion and 10% health. It is very good for defense. I like Breakthrough because I like fast movement in dungeon, it makes me more mobile to dodge boss skill shots.

    Endless Tower 100 in 4 minutes (Old Endless Tower before Noria update)
    Endless Tower 150 in 6 minutes 39 seconds (New Endless Tower after Noria update)
    Awakened Lupa Labyrinth Stage 30 solo

    1. 30 points Health – at 30 points passive for life steal
    2. 60 points Cooldown Reduction – generally for Cooldown Reduction, but at 60 points passive, attacks create a chance of resetting all skills’ cooldown.
    3. 60 points Defense – at 60 points passive for converting 5% Defense to Attack.
    4. 30 points Attack - at 30 points passive for elite damage.
    5. 60 points Critical Damage - for stronger critical damage.
    6. 60 points Penetration – at 60 points passive for true damage on monsters.
    7. At this point, you can max out Attack or add some points to Critical Rate. My personal preference would be 30 points on Critical Rate, then increase Attack to 90 points.
    8. At the end, 30 more points on Penetration to max out penetration, 30 points on Defense and 30 points on Health. It's personal preference again, you can add your point into Defense if you want to.
    ***** Cooldown Reduction is the key to my build. With High cooldown reduction (45% – 50%), Reverse Rage is 30 sec cooldown, and the duration of the skill is 15 second. Therefore, Reverse Rage is only 15 sec cooldown. I can spam more skill and put out a lot of damage with Earth Cleaver, Sweep, Crush and Leap Attack.

    ITEMS STATS (Noria Update Lvl 70 Endgame item)

    (Don't roll Evasion on your item, it's bad stat for lvl 70 content)
    • Helm: Critical Rate, Cooldown Reduction, Attack or HP
    • Top: Cooldown Reduction, HP and Attack or All Damage Reduction
      • Best in Slot Top is called Baraex's Roar with 1 fixed stat: Critical Damage 22.5%, roll the other 2 stats for Cooldown Reduction and Attack or HP or All Damage Reduction.
      • Giant Charger Breastplate has 1 fixed stat: Critical Damage 15% to 17% (depending on high roll or not), roll other 2 stats same as above.
      • True Set Crushing Tank Breastplate has 1 fixed stat: Critical Damage 17% and roll other 2 stats same as above.
      • Raging Test Subject Breastplate (crafted): Cooldown Reduction, HP and All Damage Reduction or Attack.
      • Helper Breastplate: Cooldown Reduction, HP and All Damage Reduction or Attack.
    • Bottom: HP, Attack, and All Damage Reduction
      • Giant Scout Uniform with 2 fixed stats: Critical Damage 15% and Accuracy 6%, roll the last stat for HP or Attack.
      • Butcher's Welcome with 1 fixed stats: Penetration 6% to 7% (depending on high roll or not), roll the other 2 stats for HP and All Damage Reduction or Attack.
      • Helper Bottom: HP, Attack, and All Damage Reduction
    • Shoes: Cooldown Reduction, HP and Attack.
      • Giant Recruit Boot with 1 fixed stat: Critical Damage 15%, roll other two stats for Cooldown Reduction and HP or Attack.
      • Helper Boot: Cooldown Reduction, HP and Attack.
    • Shoulder: Cooldown Reduction, HP and Attack
      • Best in Slot Shoudler is called Mighty: Helper Shoulder Plates with 2 fixed stats: Elite/Boss Monster Attack 22%, and Attack 3.69%, roll the other 2 stats for Cooldown reduction and HP or Attack.
      • True Call of Bulcan Shoulder: has Elite/Boss Monster Attack fixed stat, roll other two stats for Cooldown Reduction and Attack or HP.
      • Helper Shoulder: Cooldown Reduction, HP and Attack
    • Gloves: Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Penetration or Attack
      • Warlord's Trace: has two fixed stats, which are Penetration and Elite/Boss Monster Attack, roll the last stat for Critical Rate.
      • True Call of Bulcan Gloves: has one fixed stat: Elite/Boss Monster Attack, roll other two stats for Critical Rate and Critical Damage or Penetration.
      • Helper Gloves: Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Penetration or Attack
    • Weapon (one hand weapon): Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Attack or Defense Penetration.
      • Baraex's Wrath: has two fixed stats: Critical Damage 22.5% and Attack 275, roll the last stat for Critical Rate
      • Old Adamantium One-handed Sword with 2 fixed stats: Elite/Boss Monster Attack and Attack Speed, roll the last stat for Critical Rate.
      • Raging Test Subject Sword (crafted): has 1 fixed stat: Penetration, roll other two stats for Critical Rate and Critical Damage.
      • Helper Sword: Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Penetration or Attack.
    • Weapon (two hand weapon): Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Attack or Defense Penetration.
      • Kainan's Greatsword with 1 fixed stat: Elite/Boss Monster Attack, roll the other 2 stats for Critical Rate and Critical Damage
      • Giant Charger Greatsword with 1 fixed stat: Critical Damage 28% to 33% (depending on high roll), roll other two stats for Critical Rate and Penetration or Critical Damage
      • Raging Test Subject Greatsword (crafted): has 1 fixed stat: Penetration, roll other two stats for Critical Rate and Critical Damage.
      • Helper Greatsword: Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Penetration or Attack.
    • Ring, Earing, Neclace: Use Cold Phantom Set, always roll for Cooldown reduction first, then Critical damage or Penetration. Those three stats are priority for those item.
    ***** For IMPRINT, roll attacks on every piece of gear including accessories.

    ***** Those stats are only main stat. For Substats, look for item with CC Time Reduction. If main stats are perfectly rolled, keep it.

    ***** Penetration and Cooldown reduction are keys stats for PvE, Those two stats are priority on items. Helm, Top, Shoes, Shoulder, Earing, Necklace and Ring are the item with cooldown reduction. Elite/Boss Monster Attack is only good as long as you have penetration above 50%.

    ***** With Noria update, every monster/boss has higher accuracy, so Evasion is very weak. That's why I roll HP or All Damage Reduction for most of my items instead of Evasion.

    ***** SET ITEMS for Blader: I would recommend using Crushing Tank set for my build, but if you are using Gravity Deflection and Raging Shout combo I would recommend using Call of Bulcan set.

    • Helm – Leap Attack – Naklokhan Soulstone
    • Top – Cyclone Slash – Targash Soulstone
    • Bottom – Crush – Deslan Soulstone (for new soul stone, I would switch out this soul stone for Threatening Roar - Pabillune Soulstone because of 16% Critical Damage bonus)
    • Shoes – Ramage – Helgigas Soulstone
    • Shoulder – Earth Cleaver – Elyraq Soulstone
    • Gloves – Fierce Rage – Tall Soulstone
    • Two hand weapons – Solid Kanturu Guardian Soulstone
    • One hand weapons – Infected Kisellos Soulstone
    ***** None of the new soul stone is good except Threatening Roar - Pabillune. I would keep every soul stone the same

    • Sunrise – mainly for everything like Endless Tower, Airship Defense, Lvl 70 Epic Dungeon - Area 6-1, Awakened Lupa Labyrinth, and Noria Mythic Dungeon.
    • Rainbow - I think Rainbow is good as well, I tried it in higher stage of Awakened Lupa. It is viable, but not as strong as Sunrise.
    • Hysteria - another secondary option for endgame contents, but Sunrise is dominating the meta right now.

    I really like to play Blader. He is a well-designed character in my opinion. He has all the toolkits from all the class combine. He has survivability skill, mobility skill, and damage skill. Blader is very versatile in term of skill builds, you don't have to follow any specific skill builds, you can replace any skill you like depending on playstyle and your build still works. The playstyle is very enjoyable. I don’t think I have any negative thing to say about the class.
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  • Maximilian1
    Decent guide
    Thanks c:

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  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Hello for soul lvl 180: 60 cdr, 30 Health, 60 defense and 30 attack. For 210, same thing, but put another 30 points on attack. I think will fix the soul point because it is way different from early game blader then late game blader. I will fix the guide a bit today.

  • Alan2526
    Hi thanks for this guide dude, can you tell me please what points should i put on a leveling char ?180 -220 soul points

    Thank you

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  • ZzBinLunzZ
    Hello guys, sorry for the late update on Noria build. I have been busy in real life and tested combination of stats. I finally come to the conclusion that Penetration is superior than Elite/Boss Attack against Lvl 70 elites/bosses. However you can do combination of both if you follow my guide. You don't need super high elite/boss damage, but you really need high penetration.

    Here is my end game gear that I wish to have: True Crushing Tank Helm, True Crushing Tank Breastplate, True Crushing Tank Bottom, True Crushing Tank Boot, Mighty Helper Shoulder, and Warlord Trace.

    If you prefer mythic item, I would recommend final set up as: Helper Helm, Baraex's Roar or Giant Charger Breastplate, Butcher Welcome Bottom, Giant Charge Boot, Might Helper Shoulder and Warlord Trace.

    The combination of items above you give you high penetration as well as elite/boss attack.

    I'll update my guide later if anything change, but I am very confident about the two setup I mention in this reply.

    Enjoy !!! Blader OP XD !!!!

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  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Baraex sword is from Cultivating Room, one of the Ancient Porystal from Thudtle (1st boss in Restricted Area 6-1) box. Mythic items can be dropped from LvL 70 Mythic Dungeon in Noria zone, and epic dungeon (Restricted Area 6-1). For Ancient item, you can buy in AH, they are very cheap, it's 1 or 2 million zen each item. Or you can get Ancient Item from any box of lvl 70 Mythic Dungeon or Restricted Area 6-1. Note: Restricted Area 6-1 is lvl 70 epic dungeon in Noria zone.

  • Bastaya
    hi pro, i need some advice.
    there to find top items like baraex sword?is it a drop?
    how to obtain 66-70 mythic items? looks like they are zero drop rate in 70 dungeons, do i must drop ancient parts 66+, craft them in ancient 66+ and fuse? or?

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  • Xrekt17
    commented on 's reply
    yea... i saw it you in the rankings. congrats, man!

    yep... i broke the elite weapon with the 2.2 crit rate imprint and attack stone(just a 10.5% ancient). i broke a lot of items but that one really hurt lol. now that i see the light with def pen, i will have to figure out what items to enchant. i have so many items in inventory. before i was working around my crafted shoulders trying to keep it cause i weighted attack so high

  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Dang. The weapon with legendary imprint and the attack stone? I reached Stage 32 solo, but I didn't have much time lately to do Lupa, mainly because I'm burned out a bit from the game. I'll try to record a run at Stage 40 solo or something, I have enough DPS, just need some RNG to be honest. If you don't have good floors in lupa, you start falling behind because elite of awakened lupa only give you 2%, while elite of normal lupa give you 3%.

  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Crit Damage is a little better than flat attack.

  • Xrekt17
    So i decided to try out the cold phantom set and its a noticeable dps increase. I been missing out lol. Does crit damage scale much higher than attack? I am considering replacing my attack stone with a fury crit damage stone

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  • Xrekt17
    commented on 's reply
    I am kind of forced to use a Baraex now since i got greedy and tried to +11 a weapon (Wanted to sell my Baraex wraths). I will definitely play around with set accessories and the weapons and see what works best for my playstyle. For some reason I tried to stay away from def pen. I will change that up too and see how that goes. As always, keep up the good work with videos and this guide. Looking forward to your future updates.

  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Ummm. I’m lazy to change it to decisive, but mostly for soul lvl. My team can carry me in epic 2. I saw a lot of people comparing DPS in the dungeon for no reason. It’s team work in the dungeon, and if you complete the dungeon, what’s the point of comparing DPS between each other. To feel better? I normally don’t care about my dps in dungeon (I turned the meter off to save space for clicking on the map), so I run random stuffs during dungeon, but I should use decisive set for soul bonus 😂. There are two places I fight seriously with perfect set up are Endless Tower and Awakened Lupa.

    In Endless Tower, I always use Cold Phantom set with 2 elites damag sword or 2 Decisive pieces(mainly for floor 150 elite boss damage reduction), cold phantom ring, and 2 elite sword. In Awakened Lupa, I am still testing stuffs, but I would go for cold phantom set and 2 crit, crit, pen swords (I’m wearing it right now).

    In addition, your stats are looking good. I don't think switching weapon will change anything. I would definitely use the Cold Phantom set. You can wear the Decisive set and Cold Phantom set to the Sap. Temple (noria) Mythic 2. Time yourselves or record your time, see how long you can kill the boss. I switched Decisive to Cold Phantom, the results are day and night, the Cold Phantom is superior with high penetration and True Damage.

    I can't say Baraex weapon will be good for me because I don't have Legendary/heroic Imprint. I am free to play and only have uncommon imprint. You can compensate for some stats on Baraex weapon if you have higher tier Imprint. You can roll one stat as penetration instead of crit rate for example. For me, I would hesitate to use Baraex weapon since I don't wanna lose penetration.
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  • Xrekt17
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for the response. Unfortunately i dont have access to those weapons. Currently using the Old adamantium swords for now. I checked you gear and noticed you have the Cold Phantom set on. Do you have that equipped the whole time doing 6-1? Or do you change to Decisive for bosses?

  • ZzBinLunzZ
    commented on 's reply
    Baraex's 1 hand weapon is overrated in my opinion, it's my opinion, but people can think whatever they feel like. It's not as good as the Penetration, Crit Damage, and Crit Rate weapon. At lvl 70, Mobs have high defense, the penetration works and I tested it everyday. I'm using the Penetration, Crit Damage, Crit Rate weapons right now because I'm not worrying about the elite/damage in Lupa, I'm worrying about the normal mobs. The normal mobs killed me faster than the elite, so I need to hit them harder for life-steal and kill them faster. That's the problem with Elite Damage, you forget about normal mobs, the higher Lupa the higher HP the normal mobs has. I cleared pretty fast on most Lupa Floors (cleared 31 with a little RNG on floors, but every flloor is easy to clear) now with Pentration, Crit Damaage, and Crit Rate swords. I don't say elite damage swords is worthless, I use them in Endless Tower because I have to deal with mostly elite and boss. For Awaken Lupa, I switch to my Pen, Crit Damage, Crit rate. I also participate in GvG, so I need a weapon with Penetration in PvP, it's efficient to have a pair of weapon that you can use in both PvE and PvP.
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