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  • [PMB] Whisper by Anadir

    Hi , I'm Dawid, I live in Poland and i play MU Legend about 3-4 months. My character name's Anadir, guild is Aschente. I like this gameplay becouse, 10 or more years ago i play "first" MU and it was my first MMORPG game. I loved to play dark wizzard (after quest Soul Master if i remember correctly). I remember all the locations , Tarkan, Atlans, Devias, lorencia, Noria, LostTower etc.And now i have MU Legend and I can play my favorite game again
    My build is for PvE, with all "mains" spells . Soul Points goes to Crit chance, Attack and Crit Attack. Why ? Becouse it's more powerful .
    I try to play safe but all who play whispers know how this class is "one hit" and this is one thing i don't like it . I know, whisper can't be tank, but we have only 2 skills for "run". And i like whisper becouse of her dmg and range.
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