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  • Dark Lord Melt Tank Build

    ------------------------------If it's possible i would like to have this added to [PMB] event.-------------------------------

    Hi i got DL on 262 soul lvl and i would like to share my build with you. It's not a proper guide with video and pics just few words how my idea of tank works.

    There are 2 steps in this build. One is basic core other is advanced version. Main idea of this build is to get as tanky as possible and stack defense reduction in skills to buff dmg your party is doing.

    ----------------------------- CORE ----------------------------------------

    The easy part is to get 4 parts of Forked comet set (chest/legs/gloves/boots) with allegro artefact and Valiant Passion passive from Death expert skill.

    When we get it all we have 40% spin attack + 55% allegro + 25 % valiant passion = 120% defense reduction.
    UPDATE: Avalanchera Soulstone adds additional 10% to give us 130%

    I have tested it on one blader and when all debuff apply i droped his defense from 12k to 700 which basicly makes anyone who hit that target close to "true dmg" (if target doesn't have all dmg reduction items).

    Items: 4 parts Forked Comet Set / Dragon Knight Scepter/ Lost Kings Spaulders / Dragon Knight Helm. Shield ( Block Rate / %HP/ All dmg reduction)
    Jewelery: Lost Dragon Eye / Dragon Ornate Necklace / Giant Life Ring
    Stats in items: Everywhere you can you try to get All dmg reduction. (jewelery /chest /legs/ shield. Then Evasion and cooldown reduction are most importand stats together with HP. When it comes to helm and gloves you roll attack speed if you go more for pve or accuracy if u go for pvp (i chose accuracy).

    -------------------------- ADVANCED-----------------------------------

    To upgrade on this idea you can aim for shoulders and helmet from True dark Resister set with Shield Block rate red option in them to add additional 5% deffence penetration for whole party everytime you block. Next step would be replacing Forked set with True forked set with Red max rolls for cooldwon reduction in legs and all dmg reduction in boots. GL geting this.

    -------------------------SOUL BOX-----------------------------------
    60 Defense >60 cooldown>30HP>60 evasion>60HP>90Defense>90evasion>30CC time reduction> 90HP recovery

    -------------------------SKILL BAR ----------------------------

    Expert Skills: Strategy / Attack Order / Death

    Lupa (Allegro)
    Ice Claw - Spin Attack - Protective Touch - Madness Absorption - Attack Order - Shield Bash - Monarch's Touch

    Epics (Allegro)
    Spin Attack - Holly light - Madness Absorption - Rugard's Protection - Attack Order - Shield Bash - - Monarch's Touch

    Lupa And Epics boss (allegro)
    Spin Attack - Holly light - Eternal Flames - Attack Order - Shield Bash - Rugard's Protection

    Solo Daily and Rifts with 2h weapon (Hysteria)
    Fire Burst - Spin Atack - Protective Touch - Eternal Flames - Attack Order - Cyclone Strike -Vicious Charge

    Solo Mythic with 2h (Hysteria)
    Followers Spirit - Purification - Holy Light - Etherna Flames - Attack order -Cyclone Strike - Rugards Protection

    Spin Atack - Protective Touch- Monarh Touch-Ice Claw- Atack Order - Shield Bash- Vicious Charge

    1. Since you can't be as tanky as before only thing left is to cc as much as possible. I was using weapon throw instead of spin atack but it require to much mana so i switched it to spin atack and thanks to that your team can kill tanky characters faster.
    2. Phantom hook. The best way to kill mages and other invisible oponents is to hook them with monarch touch when they are invisible then silence then ice claw. This combo require skill and luck but if u get hold of it you team would be able to kill mages that before looked like unkillable.
    3. Protective touch - stop thinking about it as a heal but more like nuke.. What i mean by that is cast it on enemy even if we are not in range to get heal from it.
    4. Viocious charge + ice claw. good combo as well to catch bladers and whisperers
    5. Accuracy in helm . Seriously with my party i do 6% or less dmg so it's fkn nothing. Get accuracy in helm. This build is about cc and def reduction so crit is useless for us anyway. Since you do everything in party put Memory Bound Walkragier soulstone.

    Conclusion. This is nice guild focus build. If you look for doing lupa/ET solo then player "Zero Hour" have best build so far.
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    Mod Edit: Stay on topic thank the man for his time and effort spend on creating a guide instead of flaming the DL class, once again for being "Overpowered"
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      UPDATE: Avalanchera Soulston


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        This build like many others is dead when it comes to pvp. With new accessory that gives def pen and accuracy only thing that give u chance to survive is geting as many as you can humanoid pets and Craving Passione set that gives you holy light bonus.

        I would also recomend to stay at 30 points in evasion to get hp recovery and no more than 60 pints in defence to get conversion. HP recovery is last thing that is somehow worth it.

        For me i can't be bother to farm Carvin Pasione set so will just wait till Noria comes out.
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            Updated Pvp / GVG skills and tips

            When it comes to my previous post i changed my mind a bit. Build loses when it comes to staying alive in mid of gvg map but i believe is still best build to supporting your party in pve and quite good in arena if you have 240 or higher soul lvl. Right now i removed soul from hp recovery and gone back to my orginal idea.

            This build require diferent mindset which is not to be as tanky as possible but cc as much as you can.
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              If it's possible i would like to have this added to [PMB] event.