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Any Dark Lord guides ?

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  • Any Dark Lord guides ?

    Started new character, was wondering about the stats/build/skills

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    Originally posted by NeddixBM View Post
    Started new character, was wondering about the stats/build/skills
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      much hate from ppl that never tryed a pure defense DL, it is a pain to go solo

      what do you have in mind? pure tank DL? pure dmg DL? switch?

      in both of them 60 def and max cooldown is a must, in attack mode 30 life to heal yourself and 30 attack for the pasive
      in defensive mode i prefer evasion 30-60

      mind to say, do not go offensive with a shield, change to a 2 hand mace


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        Put 30 in health to get the life steal when you are attacking. Max the cooldown reduction and defense or evasion. DL has a skill to heal, cdr is useful
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          Mod Edit: Stay on topic, this contributes nothing towards his question.
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            Had to edit a few posts, please stay on topic and add information that contributes too the OP's question.

            Saying "It's overpowered you don't need a guide" is not helpful.

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              I have a question, can someone give me an answer. The more exhaustive the better.
              I have a dork lord. I'm already using Wind Skill.
              For a second skill I use a skate on my horse (every 30 seconds)
              Very often when I'm in a party, they want to exclude attack on my horse.
              Would you explain why? What does it hinder?
              The horse's skill has a range of 10.
              has a defensive function and by moving mobs away, I have the ability to apply more hits before approaching me.
              I can not understand how the horse attack is not good , or what prevents others?