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any god builds for blader

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  • any god builds for blader

    I would like to ask top players in what to invest points and what to look for in the set options, maybe there is some good ready build, if so I would be grateful for the link

    google translate sorry

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    As a blader you need 3 main stats = Crit rate, Attack and Crit dmg in that order. All items can roll attack stats but not a crit or dmg so look for items that have attack stats and reroll the usless stat for crit or crit dmg, Duh xD

    The best items you can find are already with this 3 stats or they are missing one that you can ...reroll.
    In epic dungeons the final bosses are beast type so go for the beast dmg gems and use the crafted gems that give crit rate or dmg for your weapon. If you can afford to have beast dmg% gear and craft beast pots your are good to go there at mytic 3+.
    For Artifacts you have basiclay 3 options:
    - Franzy that i use at the moment, at highter lvl of the artifact the dmg bonus is getting pretty good.
    - Hysteria that i also use sometimes. The random crits do massive amount of dmg and can help you down groups of mobs or boss health bars fast. Its perfect sinergy with good crit rate and above 3k attack.
    - Frozen heart it lacks the health reg but gives you a lot of crit. I can recommend this artifact only before you get to ~22% crit rate from your gear.
    And finally the skills i find out that 2 spins + the big 3 dmg spells works amazing for dps output and repositioning at boss fights but this is my personal opinion and everyone have there own style.
    So to sum it up for you. Look for ancient items and get at least 3k attack, 20% crit and 200% crit dmg. At this point you will be seeing a lot of big dmg cits on your screen and you will be happy
    If anybody have other view on how to builda bladers ill glady read it and im sry for any mistake but im toolazytoeditthis


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      Editing a comment
      seems pretty decent with a indepth look on things +1

      perhaps state the skills names tho ok. and passives for expert skills etc.

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    Well for soul points i use 30 in health for the vamp effect, 60 in crit for the 6% crit rate and all others in crit dmg.

    For Skill: Cyclone, Sweep, Raging shout > Turning blow> Gravity Deflection, Dismember and Charge. I replace turning blow for rampage sometimes but i have the gem that boosts attack and use the skill to stun big groups of mobs. Raging shout and turning blow decrease the target def by 30% and make your next skill do 50% more dmg so i finish the combo with Gravity deflection. For positioning i use charge to move away from boss aoe's and cyclone to get behind the boss.


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      Well here is my build:

      - Soul points: 30hp, 60def, 30eva
      - Gear: focusing on att, crit rate and eva as main stats. As much elite/boss dmg (weapon, gloves, shoulder), than comes crit dmg and hp or dmg reduction if nothing else is rolling or available.
      - Skills: cyclone+crush, charge for stun and or move, sweep (spin expert) for repositioning during boss fight or to deal high dmg fast on groups but mostly for avoiding big attacks. The rest of the attacks are reversed rage+last ditch shield. Last is either earth cleaver or fierce rage for clearing packs and on boss i take another buff soanarous rage or focused strike depending on situation.
      Basicly what i do is pop reversed+shield and just spin over everything i pulled together more or last all dies.
      - Artifact: mostly frenzy, sometimes rainbow (in lupa) kinda prfer frenzy


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        look this build


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          Updating the topic a bit, the build i mentioned is already outdated. Its good at lower cp lvls but once you start doing epics 5 solo and lupa highter lvls this build just cant keep you alive. If we mention the 3v3 now days the best option you have is to go full def/eva/ 30 health build with redemption and reversed rage as a must have skills on the bar.
          The end game stats should looks like something like this:

          Attack: ~4000
          Def: ~ 9-10 000 ( with set +7)
          Evasion: 21~32%
          crit: 20%
          Crit dmg: 200-220%
          I personaly like to use 1 weapon at least with true dmg aswell as true dmg skill crasts.


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            Im a blader , and the best build that is working for me as for today is : Crit Damage on accessories - Evasion and attack in general - One Handed weapons with 5% critical rate (+ critical rate stones . )
            Current stats with one handed weapons:
            6100 atack - (No transcendence)
            24% critical rate
            10500 defence -
            217 % critical damage . (Going full crit damage is optional since you get an additional 12 % from wings at tier 3, you can try a semi cool down build , it really helps with earth cleaver and threatening roar , 14% CDR accessories + 30 points in soul CDR )

            For soul points you should go : 90 attack 30 health 60 defense 30 evasion/cooldown

            CH name : NOAO (Zephiros server)
            Main Build: Cyclone Charge Sweep Earth Cleaver Reverse Rage **Threatening Roar** (Very useful with the 4 pieces of raiding pheil you can go to full 50 % evasion)