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[Guide] How to make UI appear smaller

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  • [Guide] How to make UI appear smaller

    Hello, so i was getting really frustrated with how big the UI is and i have found a way to make it appear smaller while also giving a better view distance.

    Go to Nvidia control panel, click change resolution then click customize. - when you do that click create custom resolution.

    I choose 2850x1080 looks best to me you can change 2850 to whatever you think looks best to you but leave 1080 alone. Average monitor is 1920x1080 but i would assume it would work with different resolution monitors.

    After you input 2850x1080 click test, it should work and click ok. You can either play in fullscreen and switch to that resolution ingame or you can just set your desktop to 2850x1080 and play in windowed fullscreen which i prefer.

    My control panel wouldnt let me select the new resolution so i just went from right clicking desktop and clicking display settings and selecting 2850 x 1080.



    Edit: Forgot to mention make sure you click adjust desktop size and position and select no scaling

    Hope this helps have fun in game!
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    Interesting idea.

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      in-game dont show this option of resolution