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[Guide] How to submit a ticket to Webzen.

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  • [Guide] How to submit a ticket to Webzen.

    Before submitting a ticket you should check the forums and discord to see if anyone has any solutions that can help you without requiring Webzen's help.
    Link to the Official MU Legend Discord:

    The first thing you should do when you experience a problem that cannot be solved without GM help is to collect as much information on the issue as possible.
    Take screenshots and take note of date and time the incident or issue occurred.

    Then visit this website:

    Fill out the form very carefully making sure to give as much detail as possible to help the GM's investigate your issue. The more details you provide the better and easier it will be for them, which could result in a faster ticket response for you.

    Last, please be patient! This is an Open Beta and there are many issues that come up on a daily basis. They are working as hard as they can to get to all the tickets but they are only human just like me and you. Submitting multiple tickets on the same issue is only going to slow the process down for everyone.

    Webzen Portal | Submit a Support Ticket | Facebook
    Join the official MU Legend Discord!

    Webzen moderators will never ask you for your password!

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    Great guide! I know it will help a lot of people who message me on the "how do i put a ticket in"

    Webzen Portal
    | Support Portal | Facebook

    Join the official Mu Legend Discord!