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[Guide] How to Report a User

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  • [Guide] How to Report a User

    Hi community,

    Many of you have come with an issue with the report a user for hacking/bad behavior. Here is a guide about how to report a user if they aren't login or in your presence.

    Step by Step:
    1. Go to “Social” using the short key “L”.
    2. Block the user in the “Blocking list” tab.
    3. Right click in the user blocked and select “Report”.

    4. Select the type of report you want to submit.

    That's all. We will take care about this report once you submit them and check the reported account.

    Best regards,

    (Zehyll is just an example, in reality we love our dear colleague GM_Zehyll)

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    Can you please Ban permanently this account for scumming and for taking all of our materials for upgrading our shrines Accnt name - Billvenz - thanks in advance all of our guildmates are so mad at him and can we retrieve our materials who stole that fvckin guy named Billvenz?