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    Originally posted by Vexius View Post

    Barely any people play on Mu Legend on Steam at the moment tho, a while ago there was a peak of people asking how they could go back to playing from the Webzen original launcher (which also was out way earlier)

    Non the less obviously the game is declining i'm not blind but just as Noria, when the new class and content will come out people will come back again for 1 or 2 Months and leave again It's a vicious cycle. But yeah those steam numbers aren't really representative of final numbers.
    Problem is that even when we got big patch from korea we are still spoon feed by developer. So what will happen if new content comes up is that all of the bugs that are already fixed on korea will still be here because dev do minimal work possible just by transleting patch.

    What we will get with new content is a new class which is unorginal mix bettwen mage and spellbinder that is unbalanced as fck.I seen ss from korea where new class alone was doing 50% of party dps or at least 20% more with other parites.

    This patch didn't get anouced or anything and i already know new character will bew unbalanced because webzen can't realese new character that we need to have maybe some small changes. No it's straight opu OP as F.

    Some people already see it and left game for good some people will notice it and leave. Simple thing same as looking on korean item shop and noticing that prices are 50% lower of what we got.

    Same problems repeat as they always did till game dies. Hard to make game grow when dev on both sides gives minimum amount of work. Path of Exile or Warframe are in great state mainly because they know their company will colapse if thay fail but for webzen Mu is just another game on a list.
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      Thx for the reply Vexius. Always good to hear from someone who represents the company. I just want to say if more content was provided especially at end game, you would not see the large drop off in player numbers so quickly. Having daily limits to all your dungeons and nothing else to do except grind tal points is hardly satisfying.


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        Oh its coming and it will be awesome. Just wait and see it's coming.