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Razer Wings shame on me.

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  • Razer Wings shame on me.

    I got fooled once with founder pack expecting unlimited wings. Zehyll said they will do something about but they did nothing so as expected topic died down so zero F given. But again like a moron i wanted to get unlimited wings so i did that razer event just to get rekt again by webzen.

    Webzen obviously just say they sell unlimited wings but hey it's christmass time and some big event conected to razer that i kind a could expect that after puting so much money in this game that this event i will get unlimited 10% wings but NO.

    It took 30min creating acount on 2 razer sites with geting fkn sms msg for activating everything then adding more money than is needed because it's so clever to make sure you can't top up right amount. Most of the redzen i got from this event i spent on premium which gives me nothing since i don't do anything in gasme part from ET.

    I write this mainly to any new player in MU to never expect anything from webzen you will just get dissapointed. They don't write what exacly they sell which was talked about in topic about founder pack when zehyll said they will pay more attention to informing CUSTOMERS.
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    why, is it only 5%? still looks badass though.


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      1) About the Frontier Pack wings. It's quite old so I'd be curious to see what I told you exactly but I'm pretty sure that at the time, it was my honest opinion and I clearly remember that I was the first to be surprised by the difference in stats between the Frontier Pack Wings and the other Wings coming after. But keep in mind that they were available before the game was even released and economically speaking it was decided that we could not have unlimited wings from the get go and then sell other wings in the Cash Shop that will be useless to anyone that got their frontier pack wings as it would be a big advantage for all the players coming after and buying wings every month. This being said, it was not done properly, I didn't like it, you didn't like it, and we had many discussion about it so I agree with you.

      Now the Razer Wings, It's very different.

      First we didn't sell the Razer Wings. You need to buy and spend 4000 redzen, but those redzen are not the price of the wings, you can use them on whatever you like, it's a fashion. We never intended to advertise them as a powerful item, it's really more of an exclusive token, so is the mount. If you could get unlimited wings for free just by topping up 4000 that you can use on everything you like, that would make any other wings/sales completely irrelevant.

      This being said, we should have specify the 5%, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.


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        Even 5% would be welcome on the Frontier Pack wings... 3% is kinda sad.....


        • Rafalga
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          Hmmm... I really don't know how they judge what's going to be the Main Stats of the featured Wings. In regards to the Frontier Pack Wings, they should consider changing it from 3% to 5%...

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        To avoid any confusion, webzen really needs proper translation of all patch notes, events, news, and relevant information. There are ALWAYS things that could be interpreted multiple ways in addition to not having all the relevant information available and players often need to flip a coin as to which interpretation is correct and often end up screwing themselves over. I know my guild always goes back to KR events/news to attempt to get more accurate guesses to various things. Clarity and transparency is critical to maintaining playerbase trust. Prime example, half the people never got to collect their last dice game chest due to multiple ways of interpreting the dating. Vendors should always stay up and able to collect from after the event period is over for these circumstances.

        As for the wings, it was definitely plausible that they should have been 10% due to the extra steps the players had to go through to obtain the redzen in addition to the value being created from selling user data via being forced to give away phone number to participate and the limited time availability of the offer.


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          I didnt get the wings but wasnt that a promotion for a raffle? (unless I am thinking of the mount?)

          Previous top ups had wings and costumes as one of the rewards that had 10% stats, but you had to top up and spend 2k-5k redzen. Why would one assume the razer wings at spending 4k redzen plus an entry to a raffle would have similar stats?


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            Or, another option, would be a feature to transfer the stats of one set of wings to another (perm to perm)? I really like the look of the Frontier Wings (They kinda look like the old MG wings from MU Online).