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  • GAME work slower

    No content.

    You give people pvp map with no rewards. Even if we get lvl 80 update this month is safe to say after that there will be no major update for 6 months when you look how slow updates happend.

    Me and my friends log in just to do endless tower because it's only thing that give you any progress. Part from doing e3 for exp because anything else together with airship become useless.

    Last bits of players are falling off just because finding people for end game raid become a pain in ass. You had good christmass event and if you did hurry and anouce new update mid january you could hold around bits of playerbase. But MU Legend became another dead mmo on a list in mantaince mode.

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    Thanks for the post and I couldn't agree more. We needed new content yesterday, the game population is dropping like a stone. People in my guild aren't even logging it to get their free bound redzen.


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      We do need new content! We are working on it


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        Really? This event is your answer to more content? Hard to express just how lame this is. Sorry but I'm not even going to log in for this. I'll have a look back if/when you drop the big patch. I'm off playing other things and as I said earlier: when I leave a game I tend not to come back. In short: Give us some damn end game! 6 - 1 is not enough.....