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3 vs 3 pvp is dead compare to chaos castle.

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  • 3 vs 3 pvp is dead compare to chaos castle.

    Since chaost castle was introduced normal 3 vs 3 area is totally dead.

    I think its because of the reward system.
    - Chaos Castle has Fighting Spirit Token which will be usefull later on and you also get some soul experience for each run in chaos castle.

    - Normal 3vs 3 has no rewards at all, and you can not use artifact or talismans in there so what matter is more about your pvp skills nothing additional
    huge advantage if you got high leveled artifacts or some ancient talismans which cost real money or obtain them via quests also.

    If rewards on 3 vs 3 are as good as chaos castle players would enter it more often or atleast a little bit better cuz since year rewards has never changed and so far i know
    even on korea they are still the same, so far we miss so much content. I was playing closed beta test and i was fightig in 5 vs 5 arena and 10 vs 10.. also party search arena. Why can't we get it over here to our servers with some rebuilted reward system? We really like PVP on europe server so do something towards it.

    ps. How long it will take for you to fix the "top" aura bug visible on invisiblity spells, on chaos castle, 3 vs 3, or GvG? its just being a way too long. Are you doing anything? HELLOU! fix it.

    also. Blader is bugged and hes immune to any Crown control status or silence... when hes using charge spell and leap attack hes totally immune to any CC status! thats a joke,. we cannot stun him, we cannot silence him, we cant do anything, when we throwing stun spell in his direction hes running into us and he doesnt care about the stun or silence cuz he wont it when hes jumping all the time with leap attack or charge take a look and fix it because noone of his spells is saying anything like " immune to cc status for 1 sec after using leap attack or / immune to any cc after using charge"
    if need more info about it i can prepare a movie showing hes totally immune thats a huge bug and advantage.!