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Auto-Party making - some has wrong?...

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  • Auto-Party making - some has wrong?...

    3...5...9....15 minutes and I just minimize the game and now write this. Autro-Party should able to vote-start if players feel - this party is ok - go -. At now you wait forever, endless and you will die by your age.... Its an tragedy. Hooooow long can wait to get fckin 5 players, when in This Game play more than milions of player on a whole world?!

    After 19 minutes we start ^^ - nice raid

    Sry for bad eng.

    (example: 3/5 PLayers - all have to choice click "ready". If this 3 players will click "ready" then automatic seraching has stopped - and mission has start.)
    Also Im drunk, so my eng can be worst ^^