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  • Looking for tank friend

    yep im very picky about my friends. Im just looking for a tank buddy. im a warmage(dps) and also got a darklord(tank) but i figure we can help each other out ey ? ... im a pretty good gamer i speak sometimes but only when tactics are needed... im more the strong silent type. looking to get alot of content done in these early days and im not messing around doing it either.

    Ingame names are Iceborg and Iceborg_mkVII(upper case i's) send a add or message me or post here and we will see whats happening... my warmage is newly leveled but he is at 110 cp and my dark lord is 120 cp ... i aint really worked on them yet as i was busy leveling since i started. as i game hard and heavy i will no doubt shoot that power up some. im english speaking and expect the same in my friends... i mean it would not be good if u could not understand me.

    oops forgot the most important thing... im on muren server in EU. im also a plat player we will work around our lockouts.

    to be clear i want to clear content fast and with ease. whilst also learning the game. im willing to help those that help themselves.
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    come on you know you wana be iceborgs buddy BFF


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      Pity you aren't on NA/Lenavis.
      Good LUck in your quest Iceborg

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    its ok guys i found a tank, his name is iceborg_mkVII very nice guy to. oh wait im iceborg