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  • Hello! and welcome

    Hey I am demonicflair most of you from discord already know me! If you do not know me i like long walks on the beach and over paying to see movies i can watch for free online. im 5'7 dirty blonde hair. im just beautiful..... ok enough with the jokes im going to be a blader im going to be a pvper you can find me some where on the top of the rankings. that's my goal. I stream, i am a dick but a lovable dick. Not really looking for new friends but you know ill take applications . mu is you soon so lets all have fun and maybe you will find me on the battle field

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    You beat me by a min on this section.

    Anyways, nice to meat ya o/


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      i legit just posted on your thread something tells me you are gonna reply and we will be stuck in a never ending loop of thread hopping


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        Hello guys. I'm very exited to play this game and have as much fun as I can. So nice to meet you all and lets all have fun in game


        • DemonicFlair
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          i missed you post earlier since it auto scrolls to the bottom but its nice to meet you as well hope you enjoy your time as a early legend of mu

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        Whatsup man whats your twitch link


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 I may not be streaming till the 7th... though i might just stream some D3 or PoE and fortnite and just talk to people about MU.


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            I may visit your stream when you start streaming.


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              Who are you???? Can we be friend?? my twitch is XDD

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                my work и