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    Can you please tell me why the game notifies me i've played for 3 hours but on the lengend of dice i haven't hit the 2 hour mark? also explain please why the chest says it contains something but the rewards aren't properly delivered!

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    I also experienced that.
    I'm already playing for four hours straight. Then I saw my dice roll not increasing. >.< I'm very disappointed at first then, some players told me that once I changed the channel, relog, change character it will reset so I will have to wait for another 160 minutes.
    So I did, after 3 hours I completed my 10 Dice Roll.

    Have you relogged or change channel?


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      I think there is a bug on their legend of dice. So I waited for it before the time reset, gladly I always got all the 10 dice rolls. It doesn't need to be active for 24 hours just check it time to time and stay for at least 10 to 20 mins. I also have no problem with it if I continuously accommodate 3 hours without changing character or logging out.
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        Easy fix for this bug is running a "Check" files from the launcher and don't change channels in-game. Hope this helps!