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  • Black Phantom Brackground Story Event

    Hi Mutizens,

    The news is everywhere, almost impossible to miss: a new class, the Black Phantom, is coming on the MU Continent!

    But what do you really know about the Black Phantom?

    Have you ever wondered what could bring her on MU Legend in such troubled times? What are her origins, where do her powers come from?

    Now is your chance!

    From the 01/03/2019 to the 31/03/2019

    Imagine the origins of the Black Phantom and the reasons of her arrival on our Lands. Be original, try to connect your story with the MU Legends Lore, try to include historical MU facts and make up the most entertaining story possible!


    - Write your own Black Phantom Background story. The only limit is your imagination!
    - Post here (you can also chose different social media, please check the original news at the website).
    - Add your Character name and server at the end of your story.
    - You can propose as many stories as you want. But you can only win 1 prize.
    - You have until the 31/03/2019 to participate.


    The 3 best Scriptwriters will be covered in Bound Redzen!

    1st: 3000 Bound Redzen
    2nd: 2000 Bound Redzen
    3rd: 1000 Bound Redzen

    Good Luck!

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    nickname: vinithepank // Server: Sezak

    Desculpa pelos erros ortográficos e tradução. // I'm sorry about misspelings and translation, english isn't my main language.


    Nascida de uma maneira desconhecida em meio à uma Floresta assombrada pela energia maligna, Black Phantom foi resgatada por um grupo de aventureiros que ali passavam. Logo em seus primeiros anos de vida, Hope, assim chamada pelos aldeões, começou à manifestar suas poderosas habilidades obscuras. Em sua adolescência Hope se transformou em uma arma humana e defendeu seu vilarejo de forças desconhecidas.

    Sabendo de tais poderes, Kundun, que estava começando a ser corrompido por Sekneum, viu em Hope a esperança de manter Sekneum "The God of Destruction" preso dentro de si mesmo de uma vez por todas. Hope não sabia aonde estava se metendo, mas viu ali uma oportunidade de testar suas forças. Sendo assim, Kundun começou o ritual junto com Hope para manter Sekneum trancado para o resto de sua vida. O ritual ocorreu extremamente errado, Kundun foi totalmente consumido por Sekneum e Hope foi atingida no processo. 50 anos se passaram e Sekneum vinha destruindo todo continente de Mu Legend, mas ainda faltava um continente sobrevivente, Lorencia.

    Lorencia tinha uma defesa que muitos diziam ser impenetrável, guerreiros capacitados para derrotarem Sekneum e com si a esperança de trazer paz ao Continente de Mu Legend. Como de rotina um grupo de 15 catadores saíram em busca de mantimento e materiais. Um dos membros teve a brilhante ideia de saquear uma área desconhecida e nunca explorada - "Estamos passando por dificuldades, temos que nós arriscarmos" - Disse o valente explorador. Ao chegar na área os exploradores acertaram em cheio, muitos materiais e mantimentos. Ao saírem da área saqueada, o valente explorador viu um vulto passando em meio à floresta e no mesmo momento sentiu uma energia maligna muito forte. Em um piscar de olhos seus 14 companheiros tinham sumido, não haviam nem sequer rastros dos mesmos. O explorador sobrevivente deixou todos os materiais para trás e começou a correr para salvar sua vida, mas como estava escuro ele caiu em um buraco não tão fundo, isso foi sua sorte, pois ele conseguiu despistar o que estava atrás dele. Amanheceu e ele voltou para o forte de Lorencia, sem mantimentos e sem companheiros. Ao ser questionado sobre o que aconteceu naquela noite, ele disse:
    - "Eu vi um vulto com uma aura de cor roxa, achei estranho, até que me virei e aquilo tinha levado todos meus companheiros. Era uma força que nunca senti antes, era como se fosse um... fantasma... negro... "
    E foi assim que Hope ficou conhecida no Reino de Lorencia como The Black Phantom.


    Born in an unknown way amid a Forest haunted by Evil Energy Black Phantom was rescued by a group of adventurers passing by. Early in her life, Hope, so called by the villagers, began to manifest her powerful obscure abilities. As a teenager, Hope became a human weapon and defended her village against unknown forces.

    Knowing of such powers, Kundun, who was beginning to be corrupted by Sekneum, saw in Hope the hope of keeping Sekneum "the god of destruction" trapped within himself once and for all. Hope did not know where she was getting into, but she saw an opportunity there to test her strength. Therefore Kundun began the ritual along with Hope to keep Sekneum locked for the rest of his life. The ritual occurred extremely wrong, Kundun was totally consumed by Sekneum and Hope was hit in the process. 50 years had passed and Sekneum had been destroying every continent of Mu Legend, but there was still a surviving continent, Lorencia.

    Lorencia had a defense that many claimed to be impenetrable, warriors capable of defeating Sekneum and with himself the hope of bringing peace to the Continent of Mu Legend. As usual a group of 15 scavengers went out in search of groceries and materials. One of the members had the brilliant idea of ​​plundering an unknown and unexplored area - "We are going through hard times, we have to take risks" - said the brave explorer. When they arrived in the area, the explorers hit the jackpot, many materials and supplies. As they emerged from the looted area, the valiant explorer saw a figure passing through the forest and at the same moment felt a very strong evil energy. In the blink of an eye his 14 companions had disappeared, there were not even traces of them. The surviving explorer left all the materials behind and began to run to save his life, but as it was dark he fell into a not so deep hole, that was his luck, as he managed to mislead what was behind him. The day dawned and he returned to the fort of Lorencia, without supplies and friends. When asked about what happened that night, he said:
    "I saw a figure with a purple aura, I thought it was odd, until I turned and that thing had taken all my companions. It was a force I had never felt before, it was like a... Black... Phantom... "
    And that was how Hope became known in the Kingdom of Lorencia as The Black Phantom.

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      Aria woke up from what seemed to be her longest sleep. Then, she remembered, today is a big day! Finally, she have conjured all her courage to confess her love to Baraex, her partner in science. She has difficulty in dealing with people, as she doesn't have much to share. Only him, has paid attention to any of her stories, no matter silly they were. Like one of her dreams being a Dark Shadow spy, and was set out to do a mission. These are the dreams she had in the past, and others would easily dismiss her. For them, she's just trying hard to get their attention.

      Kunan, appeared in front of her as usual, and stared at her intently. This always made her feel uneasy, something tells her that he is not to be trusted. Still, she offered him her smile. He then ordered all the staff to gather round the laboratory to discuss Aria's presentation of the progress they made in Area 6 - 1. As she was going through her notes, she noticed that Baraex was beside her. That made her heart skipped a bit. She somehow managed to regain her composure but deep inside she's dying to be touched by him.

      Always jealous of this situation Kunan excused himself from the venue, and exited the room. Little did everyone know, it was the start of his evil scheme. Aria continued her presentation while others are inserting some of their efforts in achieving their goals. Baraex remains silent all the time, somehow distant. She called his name out to see if he'd react but nothing. She was unsure then, if it was the right time to tell him about her feelings toward him. Suddenly, Baraex burst out and said "I love you.". Aria couldn't believe what she heard, her dream is coming true.

      At that moment, sirens are wailing, warning them of the danger approaching. However, they've been locked inside the lab. Their access cards no longer work, and then they heard Kunan's voice from the monitor room. In it's most malicious, angry, yet clearly hurting voice. He said, "Baraex, from the moment I've met you, I've despised you. You've taken everything from me, my career, my dreams, and especially Aria. I certainly hope that you enjoy this moment, both of you. This could be your only one. Sadly, I am the only one who will witness the aftermath effect of all the experiments we've done. Well, that's all I have to say. I'll return to you shortly."

      After his speech, the gas from the sealed chambers broke off. They are known to have effects on plants, and animals. They were never a time to try it with humans because of ethical reasons. Surely, Kunan has gone mad. Baraex doesn't want to accept this fate he tried to open a vault which contains the power source of the Area 6 - 1 in attempt to shut down the power, and stopped the process. Aria, tried to stop him but was to late. She just saw him flying over to a corner, unconscious.

      The gas has already filled the room completely, and the scientists, began screaming. They can feel the the tingling effects of their own doing. They are mutating. Aria though subconsciously casted a protection spell to herself. It is all to weird for her too, but somewhat it felt familiar. Her thoughts on the moment though is waking Baraex up. "Baraex" she said softly. "Baraex, please.". Then she heard an undetermined voice. The voice said "Do you want to save him no matter what the consequence is? Are you ready to accept your fate?". She never hesitated and just answered "Yes!". Then, she felt an intense surge of energy coming from within. Slowly, her memories of a distant past are dawning in her mind.

      She was able to revitalize Baraex, however, with the amount of energy she had used. She no longer has any strength to help others. Hours passed, then days, and then weeks. Aria, and Baraex, though are unable to go outside Area 6 - 1, still managed to survive and maintain their sanity. Aria tried to help others but the effect of the mutation gas can no longer be reversed. She thought, maybe if I remember all of my spells, I'd be able to help them. But no, only she, and Baraex are normal as their circumstance would allow.

      6 months later Kunan came back, to check for the results of his latest human experiment. To his surprise, he saw Aria, and Baraex kissing each other, amidst the situation. He was not able to hold back and blasted the door using their most advanced weapon, the Sonic Blast. He fired a second shot, and did not hit any. More like of a warning shot. He then said in a deep tone, "Why can't the two of you just die? I have lived my life devoting to Science, and you took it away from me. Aria, why have you chosen him over me? I've tried my best, but you wasted it. I guess, I'll just have to kill you then."

      At that moment, he fired the third ammo. Baraex tried to protect Aria, but knowing what it would destroy him she switched her position to his and received the full blast. Still with a smile on her face, she said to him, "Thank you for always being there for me.". As she laid unconscious to his side, Baraex was enveloped with uncontrollable anger. A rage the consumed his being, one that has been waiting for him to be discovered. At the same time an energy searing to his veins, a white light, a power which he never felt before transformed him to a Being. An entity of light, but not pure as his heart was succumbed into rage. At that moment, Kunan was hit by the light and burned him to his death. Ashes, he became. Then, he looked at Aria, he couldn't help it but feel guilty of what he had done. In his heart, he hoped that maybe a spark of life can come out of her, if he can just give her a small amount of his energy but he was to afraid. So, he then searched for the canister which used to hold the energy that he became. Slowly, he transferred a small amount of energy coming from him filling it. And then, he had injected her with the energy canister he had.

      The next day, Aria woke up. Baraex was in his human form, but inside, he's conflicted. Undeniably, he is happy to see her live, but even more so, he desires to have no equal in power. She tried to reach for him but he simply said, "This is the end between us. I don't want to see you again. Please make sure to leave Area 6 - 1, once you fully recovered.". She wanted to asked for more questions, but she was too weak to even think, and just passed out.
      Aria's consciousness wander inside her head. She's seeing things more clearly, more vivid than her previous dreams. It feels more realistic this time. A war broke out, she was just in her mid 20s the Magic that was used to protect their village was broken by their enemies. The army which has been assisted by Sekneum's power. They were left with one option, they chose a sacrifice, and also their only chance at stopping the evil all at once. They already know they're defeated however, advanced their magic, and science at the time. They have to transfer all to knowledge, and protect one person for their legacy to survive, as it was written.

      Aria was called upon by the elders, she didn't understand then. She was put to sleep for a hundred years, as their only hope to stopping Sekneum was with the help of others. The Dark Shadow force was known for it's secrets that to this very day are unknown to the knowledge of men. It was an ideal set up, that made Aria's existence, undiscovered. Her participation with the Area 6 -1 was their idea to make herself a useful spy for them, and yet they've known all along the danger, it entailed.

      Kunan later discover her affiliation with Dark Shadow force, and erased her memories. He had no idea who she really is. No one does. Baraex had always felt a connection toward Aria, and she to him. This story has been repeatedly running on her mind. When she opened her eyes, it is evident that she had to go back to the Dark Shadow force. To give them the full detailed report of what had happened. Somehow, it is clear to her that it's no longer her story. She now has a purpose, to save her people. And to do so, she must need others' help.
      After she shared the story to the Dark Shadow, they knew that she was the one that could save the world. They've given her another name and called her "Phantom", a ghost, a spirit if you may. She then said, "Call me Black Phantom.".
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        Long, long ago there was phantom hero thot was killing monsters and saving poor peoples in need. Then she killed dark lord but he casted curse upon his death and she became rotten and black walt disney style.
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          Character name: Van_Ishida
          Server: Zephiros EU

          Historia en español

          Cuando fue llamado a la misión no era consciente de que su vida estaba a punto de cambiar. Khelden, el mago más poderoso, había sido enviado junto a un grupo de magos a investigar las zonas de Litenberg ya que, desde hacía unos días, había rumores sobre una posible organización para reunir al ejercito del Pandemonium.
          Se le había asignado la misión de investigar a las súcubos ya que él tenía protección a sus hechizos.

          <<¿Qué hacemos ahora?>> Preguntó entre susurros uno de sus subordinados al ver a varias súcubos reunidas.

          <<Habrá que llevarlas prisioneras e interrogarlas>> Con esa orden, los magos crearon un hechizo de silenciar para anular los poderes de las súcubos y las llevaron prisioneras a la Aldea Qwyinan.

          Varios días pasaron, pero las súcubos preferían morir a colaborar dando información, quedando al final solo una con vida.

          <<Khelden, esta es nuestra última oportunidad de obtener respuestas. Interroga tú a la última súcubo>>

          Khelden refunfuño ya que el interrogar no era una de sus funciones, aún así terminó acudiendo a la prisión que mantenía cautiva a aquel demonio. Allí se encontró una escena que jamás olvidaría, la súcubo estaba temblando. Abrió la celda y se puso frente a ella para mirar sus ojos. << ¿Por qué tiemblas, demonio?>>

          Ella le miró enojada y aún temblando <<Yo no pedí nacer como una súcubo. El ser de esta especie no me convierte en mala>>

          Khelden se descompuso ante esas palabras, veía sinceridad en sus ojos y eso le dejo indefenso ante ella. Al no poder hacer nada salió de aquella celda.

          Varios días habían pasado de aquello y los magos oscuros estaban molestos. Khelden se pasaba los días en la prisión con Bietka, la súcubo, y no obtenía información sobre el ejercito del Pandemonium. Habían llegado a la conclusión de que él había sido hechizado y ahora formaba parte de los malos, por lo que había que matarlo. Al conocer el plan, Khelden liberó a Bietka y ambos huyeron en busca de ayuda.

          Icarus fue la persona que les prestó ayuda, ya que no encontró signos de maldad en ninguno de los dos, y de la unión de Bietka y Khelden nació una niña… Aura. Así los tres comenzaron una nueva vida en la ciudad de Drudin.

          Aura durante su niñez vivió como una niña normal, pero como su madre siempre estaba oculta con una enorme capa y encerrada en casa la empezaron a llamar “la hija de Phantom”. Ella, ante las burlas de los demás niños le pregunto a su padre porqué su madre permanecía oculta. Ante eso Khelden sonrió y le dijo <<Tu madre es una black phantom>> Aura sabía que su padre había mentido, pero así ella podría sentirse orgullosa por su sobrenombre.

          Al alcanzar la mayoría de edad, Aura abandonó Drudrin para ir al reino de Mediah a entrenar sus poderes de maga. Fue allí donde Icarus se dio cuenta de que sus poderes iban más allá de un mago, sentía en su poder la luz y la oscuridad, posiblemente por su madre. Por este motivo decidió darle un entrenamiento especial.
          Aislada de todo lo que sucedía en el continente de MU, Aura entrenaba sin descanso para controlar esos poderes extraños que tenía, dentro de un centro de entrenamiento especial. Allí permaneció hasta que Zephiros fue a buscarla.

          <<Aura, tengo una mala noticia>>

          Ella escuchó atentamente lo que Zephiros decía. El ejército del Pandemonium estaba siendo liderado por Kundun quien había sido consumido por Sekneum, todos los reinos del continente habían sido invadidos por demonios y los que quedaban con vida estaban luchando sin descanso por echarlos.

          <<Entonces mis padres…>> No se atrevió a terminar y Zephiros en un inicio solo se limitó a asentir.

          <<Tu padre ha muerto en batalla y tu madre era una súcubo que originariamente pertenecía al ejercito del Pandemonium>>

          Aura abrió sus ojos sorprendida <<No, ella no…>>

          Zephiros le puso una mano sobre su hombro <<Mukler fue a buscarla para que siguiera con la misión pero ella se negó. Por eso él…>>

          Llena de rabia fue a buscar a Mukler, le mataría así le costase la vida. Zephiros la siguió, no la dejaría sola en ese momento y estando tan inestable además que Mukler estaba muy cerca de ellos.

          <<¿Quién osa desafiar al gran señor oscuro?>> Preguntó Mukler con un tono de burla al ver a los dos.

          Aura recordó a su madre, siempre cubierta y sin salir de casa, en ese momento apretó los puños y ahora sabía el porqué lo hacía. Poseída por la ira lanzó un ataque dejando fuera de combate a su oponente. <<Black Phantom>> Respondió recordando aquellas palabras de su padre antes de quitarle la vida.

          Zephiros y Axiol, que acababa de llegar, no podían creer lo que veían, aún así reaccionaron a la fuerza pues estaban en medio del campo de batalla.

          <<Tenemos que ayudar a Icarus>> Dijo Axiol después de acabar con varios enemigos y los tres se abrían paso hacia el otro lado del puente de Kethotoom donde estaba Icarus reteniendo a Kundun. Una vez que estaban cerca, Icarus notó el odio en Aura y eso debilitaba lo poco que podía hacer por salvar a Mediah, no podía permitir que la luz en Aura fuese devorada por la oscuridad que ahora la consumía. Tenía que enviarla lejos.

          <<Aura, sé que puedes salvarnos pero no ahora. Olvida tu rencor y salva el futuro. No dejes que la luz que hay en ti se pierda en la oscuridad>> Dicho eso la lanzó un hechizo haciendo que ella quedase perdida en un vacío, sin recuerdos, sin familia, solo su nombre y las palabras “Black Phantom”

          History in english Translated by Google

          When he was called to the mission he was not aware that his life was about to change. Khelden, the most powerful magician, had been sent along with a group of wizards to investigate the areas of Litenberg since, for a few days, there were rumors about a possible organization to gather the army of Pandemonium.
          He had been assigned the mission of investigating the succubi since he had protection for his spells.

          << What do we do now? >> Whispered one of his subordinates asked to see several succubi gathered.

          << They will have to be taken prisoner and questioned >> With that order, the magicians created a silencing spell to nullify the succubi's powers and took them prisoner to Qwyinan Village

          Several days passed, but the succubi preferred to die to collaborate giving information, leaving only one alive at the end.

          << Khelden, this is our last chance to get answers. Question you the last succubus >>

          Khelden grumbled as the questioning was not one of his functions, still ended up going to the prison that held that demon captive. There was a scene that he would never forget, the succubus was trembling. He opened the cell and stood in front of her to look into her eyes. << Why are you trembling, demon? >>

          She looked at him, angry and still trembling. << I did not ask to be born as a succubus. The being of this species does not make me bad >>

          Khelden broke down at those words, saw sincerity in his eyes and that left him defenseless before her. When he could not do anything, he left that cell.

          Several days had passed and the dark wizards were upset. Khelden spent his days in prison with Bietka, the succubus, and did not obtain information about the Pandemonium army. They had come to the conclusion that he had been bewitched and now he was part of the bad guys, so he had to be killed. Upon learning of the plan, Khelden released Bietka and both fled for help.

          Icarus was the person who gave them help, since he did not find any signs of evil in either of them, and from the union of Bietka and Khelden a girl was born ... Aura. Thus the three began a new life in the city of Drudin.

          Aura during her childhood lived as a normal girl, but as her mother was always hidden with a huge cloak and locked in the house they started calling her "Phantom's daughter". She, before the mockery of the other children, asked her father why her mother remained hidden. At that, Khelden smiled and said, "Your mother is a black phantom." Aura knew that her father had lied, but that way she could feel proud of her nickname.

          When reaching the majority of age, Aura left Drudrin to go to the kingdom of Mediah to train its powers of magician. It was there that Icarus realized that his powers went beyond a magician, felt in his power light and darkness, possibly by his mother. For this reason he decided to give him special training.

          Isolated from everything that happened on the continent of MU, Aura trained tirelessly to control those strange powers she had, within a special training center. He remained there until Zephiros went to look for her.

          << Aura, I have bad news >>

          She listened carefully to what Zephiros said. The army of the Pandemonium was being led by Kundun who had been consumed by Sekneum, all the kingdoms of the continent had been invaded by demons and those who remained alive were fighting tirelessly to throw them out.

          << Then my parents ... >>

          He did not dare to finish and Zephiros in the beginning only just nodded. << Your father has died in battle and your mother was a succubus who originally belonged to the Pandemonium army >>

          Aura opened her eyes surprised << No, she does not ... >>

          Zephiros put a hand on his shoulder << Mukler went to look for her to continue with the mission but she refused. That's why he ... >>

          Full of rage he went to look for Mukler, he would kill him so it cost him his life. Zephiros followed her, would not leave her alone at that moment and was so unstable that Mukler was very close to them.

          << Who dares to challenge the great dark lord? >> Mukler asked with a mocking tone when he saw the two of them.

          Aura remembered her mother, always covered and without leaving home, at that moment she clenched her fists and now she knew why she did it. Possessed by anger, she launched an attack, knocking out her opponent. << Black Phantom >> She replied remembering those words of his father before taking his life.

          Zephiros and Axiol, who had just arrived, could not believe what they saw, yet they reacted to the force because they were in the middle of the battlefield.

          << We have to help Icarus >> Axiol said after finishing several enemies and the three made their way to the other side of the Kethotoom bridge where Icarus was holding Kundun. Once they were close, Icarus noticed the hatred in Aura and that weakened the little he could do to save Mediah, he could not allow the light in Aura to be devoured by the darkness that now consumed her. I had to send her away.

          << Aura, I know you can save us but not now. Forget your rancor and save the future. Do not let the light in you get lost in the darkness >> Said that the spell cast her causing her to be lost in a vacuum, without memories, without family, only her name and the words "Black Phantom".


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            Hi everyone,

            It was very difficult to choose, the 3 winning participation where really close, and each of our native reader said that they were very good but a choice had to be made! We are very happy to send Bound Redzen for those 3 stories.

            Congratulations to the 3 winners!

            1st: Van_Ishida - Zephiros
            2nd: Mswright1
            3rd: vinithepank // Server: Sezak

            The Bound Redzen will arrive sometime next week as it has to be approved by our billing team first, so don't worry if you don't receive them right away.

            Again, well done!


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              Onde está o cliente em português!? Um absurdo! Desculpe. O servidor é latino e aonde está o suporte ao nosso idioma.


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