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Christmas MEME Event (Twitter)

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  • Christmas MEME Event (Twitter)

    OH oh oh Mutizens! Bulcan here, it's been a while since we last talked...

    It’s Christmas time ! Well, almost, I can’t wait for it…

    Do you know what I do when to kill time when I can’t wait? I look for MEMES!

    Unfortunately, there is still quite some time before Christmas and I’m running out of Ideas… so, I think its time for a 2nd meme event!
    You were so funny last time, I can’t resist the urge to see a second wave…only this time, we will add a little theme. It must be related to MU Legend AND Christmas!

    All you need to do is:

    - Post a meme of your choice in the comments of this Tweet.
    - Mention your character name and server.

    Will you be able to surprise me again? I hope you will… I got some nice rewards for those who will make me laugh the most!

    10 favourites participation will receive:

    - Lv 70 Set Chest x1
    - Resurrection Stone x10

    Don't disappoint me!