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Kundun's Champion and Talisman Ranking events

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  • Kundun's Champion and Talisman Ranking events

    As i checked all the information before coming here i saw that it stated on the patch note that the rewards will be distributed in the next few days, do we have any update on these as of yet? I won't lie the waiting isn't bad just the lack of information as per usual, any update would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmm There is so much work with distribute and check players(if they really do).

    I want ask what about players wich get accidentaly banned without reason for 2 days,and then lose chance or lost their position. Like example moved from 3 to 4? So should not they get atleast reward for 3rd place for example? Losing 2 days in race for no1 is deadly blow, and u barely cannot fight anymore when after unabn u losing like 10lvls for this. I think the best way is just give 2x first place for example, 2x 3rd, etc. It cost nothing to change this, and noone will feel like he were cheated or somone had "upper hand" in start.


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      Alright awesome 2 days wasn't that long of a wait thank you, got my kundun champion reward just need to see if the rest comes as well.