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[EVENT] - Meet my new friend!

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  • [EVENT] - Meet my new friend!

    Hi Mutizens,

    Noria brought many new features with its release, it's an all new Continent, full of surprises and mysteries...

    There is one thing we don't mention enough though, the new mobs!

    We are convinced that you had the chance to meet some of them already. Cute ones, not... so cute ones, big, small, tall, short, there are so many that it's impossible to mention them all! And on your journey, maybe... you happened to fall in love with one!

    An exchange of looks, just before separating those beautiful eyes with your sword, a beautiful voice, noticed during a intense, but fabulous scream of fear, there can be a lot of reasons why this would happen and you don't have to feel bad or shameful about it. WE GET YOU!

    This is why we will give you an opportunity to come forward and express your feelings in a poem!

    • Take a screenshot of your favorite mob in the Noria continent
    • Make a 10 line poem about it/him/her to express your love for this creature/person.
    • Post your poem with the screenshot of the Mob in this thread before the 31/08/2018.
    • Do not forget to write your Character and Server names in your post!
    • You can submit as many participations as you want, but you can only win once.
    • 1st: 7 days Summer Wings + 7 days Summer Costume
    • 2nd: 3 days Summer Wings + 3 days summer Costume
    • All participants : 1 day Summer Wings + 1 day Summer Costume
    Good Luck!

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    Charater Name : LearKing
    Server Name : Ohrdor
    Like him because i hate him ) very hard when clear hightest mode


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      This event is so popular! We will have troubles choosing the winners...


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        Character name : dNgHH
        Server : EU - CARA

        You re so bad and yet so pretty
        but you won t scare me away
        my dear mage born from the shadows
        for you i ll give everything away
        Help me make you love me too
        And transform you into something new
        now take my hand and don t let go
        trust me with this and let s start the show
        then let s dance until the morning sun
        my dear ... Creator Mage of light
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          Character Name - Bose
          Server name - Zephiros

          Tree is my name,
          Fruit I grow is for all to take,
          Everyone basks in my shade,
          With every season my colours change,
          I'm also home,
          Stand by me,
          If you want to save this world,
          Love me,
          ... and most requested,
          Plant a tree.

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            Second entry.
            Name : dNgHH
            Server : Eu - CARA
            I ve fought so many monsters, for the sole purpose of finding you
            i still love you so much, but you still don t have a clue
            My coat is stained with blood, my sword is crying too
            I swear you one thing now, one thing for good i ll do
            i ll find the one who did this, the one whos blood is blue
            the one who made you mutant, the one who corupted you
            I m not that man anymore, the man that you once knew
            i m going to find him now and kill him just for you
            my love, my queen, my heart... has always been just you
            you are my everything... that s why i ll kill you too...

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              Any idea as to when the winner will be announced?



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                This event has been dragged into the abyss by the pandemonium army... Kundun came, dragged it in another dimension without our reach to prevent us from sending the rewards and...

                Ok, we forgot.

                My sincere apologies! Rewards on their way!


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                  All the rewards have been sent!

                  Sorry again for the delay. As an apology token, you all got the first price rewards.