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Noria Conquest missions bugged

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  • Noria Conquest missions bugged

    I have completed the requirements for missions 16 and 19 of the Noria Conquest Mission events but cannot claim the rewards. I have talked to many players in game and have not found anyone who has been able to claim these rewards. I think they are not working correctly.
    Mission 16 is discover Ethedrean. I believe this should be completed by visiting Ethedrean.
    Mission 19 is open one talisman driver slot. I believe this should be completed by increasing talisman book level to 4.

    It is also possible that Mission 18 is not working correctly depending on which talisman quest line it is tied to. Is anyone able to claim these rewards?

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    Those are bugged for me, as well as:

    Kill all Elite Monsters
    in Breath of the World
    Tree - North

    I have killed all Elite monsters in "Breath of the world Tree - North" and in fact, received the achievement for it (last week) yet it hasn't updated on the site.


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      Hey KFCTONIGHT! That mission is working for me and others so I think you may want to file a ticket for further assistance.

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      Thanks, maybe I'm being loopy and I hadn't done this, but I have achievement for all 3 areas in my achievements. Maybe there is an elite mob that isn't included in the achievements ?

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    Thank you Webzen for your attention to these quest concerns!
    After maintenance last night the quest text on the website has been updated to read:
    Mission 16: Clear the Intensive Cultivation room (I understand this is a porystal key)
    Mission 18: Use a Talisman skill 100 times
    Mission 19: Clear a Noria rift 100 times (I don't believe talisman rift entrances count)