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    One day as I was on my daily rift run I found this goblin with a treasure chest above his head. I slayed him with a quick turning blow. I took all the loot and finished my rift. Outside the rift I saw that the goblin had had a weird crystal with him. I took it to some people in Ohrdor to see what it was. Several people said to try the rift research society so I did. The people there seemed shocked when I showed them. They said it was a rare key to a place of knowledge and wealth. They showed me a book that told how to use it and to be careful cause it was dangerous inside. Well my adventuring side got the best of me and I used the key. Next thing I knew I was inside this vast library. I slowly adventured inside as creatures kept spawning in my path. I killed everything in my path. I searched everywhere in there for treasure including in the bookcases. I finally came to the last room with no door out except the one I came in through. This huge creature appeared saying his name is Lupa and this was his treasure. We fought for a minute when I delivered the killing blow. A portal opened to let me out. I was exhausted so after I left that place I went to get some sleep. I woke up hours later thinking it must have been a dream, I reach into my backpack to grab something to drink. I felt a book in there which shouldn't be there. Maybe it wasn't a dream after all.



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      A short story spin-off of MU

      The Unknown Cave

      Long time ago Enova, Duelden, Litenberg, Noria, Alhadd and Lorencia was a peaceful country but when Sekneum, the God of destruction awakened chaos was coming.
      Enova, Duelden, Litenberg, Noria, Alhadd and Lorencia slowly being over taken by pandemonium.

      I started at Duelden wondering what might be situation. I started searching till I stumble across the troops of Tephakin army. They looked terrible, I talked to the captain "Did pandemonium attacked you?" I asked.

      "No, we were patrolling in Salormis but we were attacked by dragons”.He said.
      “Dragons?” I replied.
      He said “beside us is a cave that dragons attacked us. Don’t think of going in many soldier have already lost their lives.”
      “But don’t you wish for your friends to be avenged?" I replied.
      “It seems that I cannot reason you out.” the captain said. Although I wished for the captain didn’t come with me, he escorted me with his own will.

      Inside the depths of the cave going further in the shadow I was hearing soft whispers I slowly raised my blade then I saw a crying child my thoughts A Child?! Inside this cave? The child looked was trembling I asked the child.

      "You must have been lost for this place is not where you should be.” I said.
      The child trembling to was trying to say “….mm—-my friend is still here I--- have to find her.”
      “Don’t worry I'll find her for you. Captain take him to safety I'll find his friend.” the captain nod.

      Going in deeper I saw dragons that was blocking the path further they didn’t look strong so I forced my way in and fought them. I quickly slash their neck one after another. I looked around to see if there still more. at that moment a big rock moved a bit so I prepare to attack, as I was about to strike I stopped for I have founded the child’s friend. She was trying to be brave to stop herself from crying out. As she moved towards me and she was crying a lot saying
      “Please…I want to go home.” I calm herself and said “’s gonna be alright we’ll get out safely.”

      I grab her hand as we were about to go outside, A sleeping dragon has awakened. it looks so fierce and,powerful you can feel greatness of its power. The dragon stood in front of us and blocking the only path out.
      “I am Tagrash you got a lot of guts to trespass here.” it said.

      I distracted and attacked the dragon and I told the child “Go! Run as fast as you can till you can see the light outside and never look back whatever happens” the child quickly ran Tagrash was about to chase her but I blocked him and striked. Tagrash grew angry raised its palm slashing destroying everything on its path. I took its hits and flew hitting the wall and I quickly stand up to strike. Striking and attacking him I can feel my attack aren’t working its skin is so thick. Then it attacked me with its tail and I ended up hitting the wall again. as it was about raise it palm and strike I saw there was a small opening when I had my last slash of blade through him, there was a small opening through his heart. I quickly took the opportunity, roll and threw my blade and hit its heart. Targash falling downing its was clearly trying to say that it will come back someday.

      when I got out injured and exhausted I saw the captain & its army waiting and they we're glad I came out safe.
      “Did you see the other child went out safe?” I asked the captain
      “Yes, both of them are back in their home safe.” The captain said.
      “I’m glad to hear that."I replied. It seems this hardship and experience is only the beginning.

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        Redeemer Tears Finale

        Bulcan's finest warriors, redeemers of enova. Heavy armored knights with nightmarish red eyed horses, legends says that they can control reavens to help them in battle. Purging every single daemon on their path.The Dark Lords. Heavy chains forged in finest way to swipe enemies hangs low at their armors. First one Ashas with tremendous battle hammer in both hands in some kind of trance coverd in eternal flames. and second even less protected by his armor with shield and scepter. You could see some rugards marks on every single piece on his armor and icy aura all around them. They loomed out of portal where our heroes fights Glasha before, but it was too late. Only view they saw was carcass of glasha and 3 lying bodies nearby in destroyed cave. The one with shield specialised in healing casted protective touch and holy light almost instantly after he noticed unconcious party. Blader and Warmage snaps out shortly after that. In same time they cried for help and point out for elf body. Dark lord carefully approached to them. Save her , save her soul and body , my dearest companion said blader, warmage was silent he cant even speak. Fast take her to enova said darklord a friend of mine is a spellbinder and she should be able to mend her body, dont waste your time and go, me and my brother will take care of her soul. Without thinking our heroes rushed to enova. Lets begin brother, his eyes sparked and he also entered in a trance, they both recited some words in unknown language and follower's spirit manifested in front of them. There she is, blue emitting orb flowing between bearly shining other. They secured her soul with protection spell and head out to enova, one of brothers casted purification and freed other souls from glashas grasp. As they arrived to envoa , elf restaration process was already ongoing, they had a last piece of puzzle. Process took a week without effect, all of our heroes lost their hope, but then miracle happened. Blader tear dropped on elf cheek and finally her soul bonded with her body. She is awake ! She saw grieving blader and then she have spoken to him : " why you are so torn my eMG i am here with you again " .That was first time when she meant about my name.

        So this is how you rember that day my friend said warmage. Yes this is how it was we were close to lost our family member , but that day taught me everything. That day when i recived those scar and learned about threat that lurking in shadows at mu continent gave me lesson for whole life. With a smile on his face he looks out of window and saw her training outside, tall blonde haired elf with most beautiful blue eyes on whole continent....

        from origins of coma guild ,
        Heroes chapter 4

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          Best Day EVER!!

          A patch of black fur as dark as night swirled on top of his fluffy head, yet his body was white as snow. When I met my pet Baekgu he was just a tiny fuzz ball, could barely make a sound more than a yipp! Back on Enova we ran around causing trouble, stealing gear and supplies from the armor merchant. Fighty, my pets name, would distract her with his adorable playfulness while I would sneak around back to grab anything not nailed down. Soon, we were in Deulden leveling up quick, Fighty using his bite and pounce while I would finish enemies off with my deadly mace. When we arrived in Litenberg things got tough, we had scars and mean looks by then though. It wasn't until we ventured into Lupa's Library in search of treasure that I found out just how tough Fighty was. We were backed into a corner down to our last potion, Fighty could barely stand and I was about to give up. Lupa was too big and ugly to face, but it was Fighty who wouldn't back down. He lunged for the demon's throat giving me the chance at dealing a fatal blow. That day, we had so much loot we could buy the whole town! I'll never forget the day I found Fighty in that box, best day ever, and every day since



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            I stare in horror as Mikael body is shredded. He was the best friend a guy could ask for. He saved my life countless times, before… before this. But now, he lies unidentifiable on the ground in a shredded heap of flesh, bone, and scattered entrails.

            I can’t recall exactly when this nightmare began. Maybe it was when the human race got too out of hand and cocky. I’ll admit I was one of them. I thought we, as humans, could not be touched. We were technologically advanced; our species populated most of the world. But it wasn’t really our world…I shake my head to clear it and brush the tears from my eyes with the back of my hand.

            Mikael’s death isn’t important right now. What’s important is survival. I smash the blunt end of my sword into the side of a nearby Garuda. It screeches angrily and rises up onto its hind legs, pieces of its natural armor crumbling where I had struck. Quickly I chant a spell and drive it into the beast’s now exposed skin. It screeches again, the shrill noise making me cover my ears despite already having earplugs stuffed into them. The Garuda falls to the ground, writhing in pain. I break into a run. The Garudas may hate pain, but they never stay down for long. Away... I have to get away!! My breath becomes ragged ... is - is ... hard to move. I try to ignore them but they persist. Finally, I can’t run anymore and my legs give out from underneath me. I crawl to a weapon rack that wasn’t far from where I fell and lean against it. Suddenly, tears begin to stream down my face. All my friends are gone. Not only Mikael, but Steven and Jess are gone too. I bury my head in my hands and lose myself in tears.

            I don’t even know when I fell asleep. I wake to a low growl. My eyes flash open and I look around frantically, suddenly wide awake. A Gremlin Gaint is walking a mere 20 feet away from me. I quickly cover my mouth with my hand to keep from making any noise and hold as still as possible. The Gremlin thick stone like shell makes a quiet gravely sound as it moves, its sharp claws chink together with each step. I am so terrified that I lose my breath, wide-eyed and trembling. These creatures… they killed everyone. All my friends… slaughtered and left for the crows. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I grip my sword in one hand, my grimoire in the other. Standing, I open my eyes and stare down the hallway. It had already noticed me and is walking slowly, threateningly, towards me. I listen to my breath and my heartbeat, trying to slow them. I run toward the beast with my sword in front, ready to strike. This is my moment !!

            BLOOOOD FEEEST !!

            NOAO - Zephiros
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              Their journey was far from easy. Nobody thought otherwise, but the carnage and mayhem they had to go through was something none of them had ever encountered before. If only they knew what fate held for them…
              It all started as a standard expedition in the twisted platforms of the Labyrinth. They were in need of artifact fragments and, aside from the local black-market traders, the hostile rifts of the Labyrinth were the only place to look for them. Everyone prepared themselves as best as they could: potions and brews were in plenty, a few mystical hearts were kept just in case and their weapons as ready as ever.
              The human Blader grunted as they walked into the Labyrinth; he never liked those expeditions, the constant teleports made him feel dizzy. That, didn’t stop him, or his teammates from hacking their way through the hordes of unnatural creatures that stood before them. As the Blader and the Dark Lord, the human brothers, fought with all their might in the front lines, the ashan War Mage commanded the elements bringing down swift death from a distance, while the elven Whisperer made sure no one came too close to him. All under the protective touch of the kanturu Spellbinder’s barriers, carefully cast to protect and assist.
              Steadily and with precision they advanced through the Labyrinth’s platforms, even thought at times it felt like they were going in circles, or that they never left the previous battlefield. Moments before the last monster of the group they were fighting fell, the strangest thing happened: for a moment, time seemed to have stopped dead in its tracks, as everything except the adventurers, stood perfectly still. As the last monster vanished into the thin air, an eerie and blood-chilling laugh echoed through. A hideous voice said:
              “You have done well so far, puny mortals. You have amused me, but I grew tired of you. Come, meet your demise…”
              At that, before anyone had the opportunity to react, they stood in the middle of a grand chessboard. The shadow of an enormous armored creature caught their attention. A warrior, tall as three men, wielding a blood-stained sword lunged towards them, his mighty blade striking the Dark Lord away. Fortunately, the human knight’s armor took most of the blow, saving his life. The Spellbinder cast a healing barrier, while the War Mage and the Blader unleashed their fury against the giant. The Whisperer helped the Lord up, who in turn rushed to his allies aid. But he was too slow.
              The giant’s sword had already stroked down the Mage and the Blader, while a powerful spell blasted the elf. Shocked, the human knight watched as the giant’s word came down and suddenly the young kanturu girl blocked the huge sword with her body, a protective barrier granting her a few moments of invulnerability. Those few moments were enough. The Dark Lord gathered himself. Hearts of Resurrection ready, the twisted Labyrinths witnessed the greatest victory of the mortal races…

              Name: DarkVelvet
              Server: Zephiros


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                I was born without a name and the runt of the litter. A baby dragon abandoned because the color of his skin was different from his family. In the world of dragons this was considered to be an ill omen. I don't remember to much about my family nor do I remember the early days of my life. However, I wont forget the day I met master.

                I was abandoned on the continent of Enova in the Evil Energy Forest. When I met master I believe he was out on a beginning of his journey. He looked up and saw me laying on the branch of one the forest trees. As he approached me I felt threatened by his presence. This was back when I had hatred toward the world for being left behind and abandoned. I hissed and growled at him yet he still approached me. When he was inches away and he reached out his hand I chomped down on it and didn't let go. Master looked me in the eyes and just smiled. When I looked back at him I slowly released my grip on his hand for I saw something similar in his eyes to mine. Something that would connect us by this strange fate.

                Fast forward a few days, I joined master on his journey. I became part of his family. My masters name was Zazii. He descended from a long line of famous bladers, but master was unfortunate he had no talent for the sword. He was disowned by his family and decided to travel the world to find himself. I don't think master ever forgot his family heritage because even though he was disowned he carried around a dagger-like sword and grimore and took up magic instead.

                One night still traveling through Enova sitting under the stars master told me, "Its time I give you a name. I've been thinking long and hard about it. Your name from now on will be Azizi (pronounced ah-zee-zee). A name from the land I was raised meaning 'Precious.' You are no longer alone in this world for you and me our family." Master was a clever man not only did he come up with a name meaning precious, but if you think about it, it was also a rearrangement of his name. This was the happiest day of my life for someone born alone to be given not just a name, but a purpose.

                Months passed as we traveled through Enova, Duelden, and Litenberg. We have had many different adventures, met many people, and had lots of new experiences. Are adventures are still ongoing. Master told me are next destination of travel is this continent called Noria, "Kingdom of the Fairies."

                While life played a cruel joke on both me and master being abandoned by our families. I wouldn't call it all bad. It led us to meet each-other. I couldn't ask for anything better than that. I will continue to stay by masters side wherever this journey make take us.

                Name: Zazii
                Server: Sezak
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                  Whisperer Chronicles

                  Since I have memory this world has been overwhelmed by darkness. We came from the future thanks to the sacrifice of one our superiors to eliminate the corrupted actions of the evil Gods. We began as four main Forces, the mighty warriors of Mu Lands: Dark Lords, Warmages, Bladers and Whisperers. I belong to the last group, fighting against evilness with my nature powers combined with my bow and wing guns.

                  We started marching to the lands of Enova fighting the dark enemies and at the same time we were growing stronger, getting new powers and equipment to face the mythic deities. The time was passing and we were helping the people of the land taking their tasks and quests. There was a city called Ohrdor where we can reunite and share all the knowledge about enemies.

                  But something was wrong, I realized that whisperer Forces were decreasing and vanishing one by one and, meanwhile, the other three were going ahead of us.
                  New challenges aproached before us, we had to move to different continents cooperating with the Dark Lords, Warmages and Bladers forces to fufill our duties.

                  By time my whisperers mates where disappearing, I stopped getting news about their adventures and they were not coming to our meetings anymore.
                  One day after an intense battle at Lupa's Labyrinth I felt like my energy was getting weaker in comparison with the other Forces and my skills were not working like before.

                  Suddenly a new group of a powerful magical fighters called Spellbinders came to this world to help us and, at the same time, the evilness started growing stronger. We were almost unable to crush the new enemies alone although there was some heroes in the other Forces able to fight them by them selves. I started losing hope about my own capabilities and strenght but I want to believe from the bottom of my heart, that soon, me and my last standing fellow whisperers will get the strenght to perfect and master our skills to be able to encounter the new difficulties and monsters approaching, not letting down the fallen ones.


                  EU - Zephiros
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                    Hello there!
                    This is my story, hope i made on time. If you'll read - you'll know what's it about That's some sort of a tribute. I played MU Online many years ago, i'm still playing it right now. This is the thing i love in both games. And what i'm still fascinated about.
                    BTW. English is not the language i'm speaking native, it's not even the foreign language i'm using the most...

                    This story hasn't happened. Yet.

                    - Daddy, tell me a story! - she asked.
                    - But after all will you fall asleep?
                    - Yes daddy!
                    - Do you promise? - asked with a dose of parental curiosity
                    - Yes!
                    - So… Let me tell you a story about a wise man and his journey to an abandoned castle.
                    No one actually knows, when did it happend. But it happend for sure. The castle, he had on his way, was known as a place of suffer and a terrible pain. He decided then to step in. He pushed the old, rusty gate so he can enter the bridge. It looked horrible… There were many weapons left all over that bridge, probably by the warriors, who tried to conquer this evil stronghold. They escaped, he didn’t.
                    After coming through the bridge and killing some minor creatures he stepped Into the large hall. He saw some kind of a statue made of shiny glass-similar material. He made a careful step closer. And the second one, and another one still looking for any threat around. After a few steps he already knew, he’s not alone. From the shadows of the emptiness a dark soldiers appeared. The whine began. He saw they’re coming, to get him. Dead or alive. There was no way back anymore… He lowered his head, just like he’d think about something. Last second to concentrate. The last thought of a man, who could lost his life in a split second.
                    Not even by a chance. He threw his hand in the air shouting out loud. The air became colder, heavier. The shadows of this room were not so dark anymore. He was the one, who brought the darkness with himself. The floor began to shake. A deep, dark fog began to swirl around him. He didn’t stop holding his hand high, didn’t stop to shout, until the fog covered him totally. The he started to lose his powers. He felt on his knees holding his head above the ground trying to catch the breath, while he noticed it was the only one sound he could hear at that moment. After taking a look around it was pretty clear - there was no one else that him at that moment, besides the dust in the air. No monster, no evil energy. Nothing. The shiny object was not there anymore.
                    - Is she still fascinated with the story about the “Blood Castle”? - a female voice broke daddy’s story
                    - Shhh…! - whispered - She’s sleeping, so… I guess that yes. - replied
                    - Leaving your childhood memories isn’t easy, huh? - she asked with the smile on her face
                    If you’d even knew, how many memories from that period of time i have…
                    - Maybe if she’s sleeping you could tell me something about it? - she offered
                    - So, um… As first then, let me tell you a story… - began.
                    He left his daughter's room turning the light of.


                    Thank you guys for reading, i wish you all luck!

                    // PanKaczy
                    // EU: Zephyros
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                      The Dragon’s Bane

                      It was a dark night, shadows roamed the land and the few travelers who dared venture unto the roads at this time had only moonlight to guide their path.

                      I was one of those wanderers, though my heart wasn’t dominated by fear as I confidently walked along the narrow stretch of land, always twisting and turning, as to confuse the unknowing humans who may fall in the magical trap that this path was. I wasn’t ignorant to the subtle but powerful spell that was at play here, in fact I was using it for my own purposes. As I willingly let my steps be pulled in the direction of the dark force, I finally found what I was searching for, in the distance, a majestic rocky mountain ascended from the ground, and at its base stood a crevasse hidden by moss and undergrowth, but easily spotted by one such as I. When I got closer to the opening of the cave I could feel myself being pulled even stronger then before, I was now exactly where the spell wanted me to be. Here just outside the cave, at the center of the spell, I began a casting of my own. It was meant to dissipate the enchanting that would lead travelers to this place. As I raised my hands to the blackened sky, an ominous sound broke the silent night like thunder. I smiled, the spell was now destroyed, no humans may ever find their deaths in this forgotten cave.

                      I entered through the crevasse, there was no light except the violet glow of my armor. The stories I’ve heard about this particular lair of evil seemed to have all been true. Small bones were spread along the ground, and as I walked they broke, disturbing the foreboding silence. When I have unsheathed my sword, the narrow corridor was bathed in a powerful light, the red flames that enveloped my blade seemed almost eager to show me the gruesome sight. The narrow corridor was full of bones, human bones, skulls gazed upon me from everywhere, I could not see them before, because of the thick darkness, but now they were easily spotted, bite marks lay upon them, some of them were broken and the marrow sucked clean. It was the Dragon’s Haven, no doubt about it. I got deeper into the cave when a powerful roar sounded from farther away. And with it, like a furious wave came the monsters. Beasts and demons with open maws threw themselves at me, I’ve opened my grimoire and with a few words, I’ve unleashed a hell of my own against them. Their scorched bodies fell lifeless upon the ground and I walked unabated to face their master.

                      Targash was waiting for me, the narrow corridor opened into a large chamber and I’ve stepped into it. I attacked, summoning a powerful blizzard to confuse Targash as I teleported behind him to deliver a series of slashes with my enchanted blade. The dragon screamed in pain and used his giant wings to disperse the blizzard, but it was too late, I’ve already cast another spell, infecting Targash’s mind. I used my magically enhanced speed to get in front of Targash, than I jumped and plunged my sword through the unprotected flesh of his throat.

                      The beast died and I became the legendary War Mage who was referred to ever since as The Dragon’s Bane.

                      Name: AZGreen
                      Server: Zephiros
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                        War changes everything. War is an apocalypse and a technological revolution and a life-changing adventure, all rolled into one. Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war. To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace. One day a warrior named LGOD and his Wife Nivra having a journey together to find a peaceful settlement due to the Wife's newly born warrior (Lino). as they have traveled along Litenberg, Duelden, Enova. they have encountered vast and amass quests and monster to defeat for their living. up until such time they have reached Ohdor the most beautiful place where people gathered having a toast of wines and having fun everywhere where you can see laughter and Peace. Ohdor the ideal settlement for LGOD and Nivra's Newborn Warrior. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

                        IGN: LGOD
                        Server: Noria


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                          I know that the event is over, but I still want to share my story:
                          ================================================== ============
                          The war drums of Pandemonium tear through the silence of the night sky. I knew it, they were expecting me. Nonetheless, this mission from Rugard must succeed!

                          As I enter the castle, I was greeted by skeleton warriors. If such horrifying creatures were guarding the entrance, the castle must be sheltering something more sinister. Now I know why they chose me. I slashed and charged my way through the gates. Not even the infamous Muspell can stop me. Inside was a legion of monsters, ready to defend their master. But no number of guards, mages, or liches can stop me from completing my quest.

                          As if reading my toughts, a gigantic shadow falls to the center of the room; and in it emerges the mighty Dullahan. "Now we're in for a fight!", I said to myself. His sword slices through the air and shakes the very ground. I was stunned. But I am also better. I focused my strength unto the tip of my greatsword and slammed it unto the ground. The ground breaks and sends the enemy high in the air, seemingly defying gravity. With one sweep, the guardian of the tomb laid dead on the ground.

                          I slowly approached the coffin, reaching into my bag for the artifact that will strengthen the seal. Something's not right. The air is filled with that chilly mist that seems to grow thicker by the second. I reached out and opened the tomb. Empty.

                          A sinister laugh breaks the silence of the castle. "Free.... At last."

                          It was Anilata.

                          He looks at me. Eyes blazing beneath the armor. "Give me the artifact and I might spare your life".

                          "The only thing that I will give you is a painful death!".

                          In an instant, the demon swings his sword and sends a shockwave towards me. It was so fast that I had to cast a shield magic as a last-ditch effort to block it.

                          "So, you have tricks. Nonetheless, you shall bow down to me."

                          He vanished, stabbing me as he reappeared from behind. I did not see it and my barrier shattered with his attack. I leapt and put some distance between as. Then once again, slammed my sword unto the ground, cleaving the earth with its powerful force. My attack hit its target and for once, the laughter has left my foe.

                          I steadied my breath as he readies his sword. The final clash.

                          He sends an endless barrage of shockwaves. I charged through. My iron armor withstanding each blow. Now face to face with the enemy, I stabbed with all my strength; hoping it will be the turning blow. I was able to pierce his armor and the demon screamed in pain. This is the end. I slashed with the speed of a cyclone and the demon lay wasted at my feet.

                          Suddenly, the ground tore and flames from the depths of hell erupted. I heard nothing but Anilata's laugher as I fall to the bottomless pit.

                          "Rugard, help me.."
                          ================================================== ==========

                          Hope you had as much fun reading this as I did while writing it


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                            Hi everyone!

                            Thank you for your participations, I havent read them all yet but I can already say that it will be hard to make a choice!

                            I apologize for the delay, we will now review all the stories and make our selection. We shall come back with the result soon

                            I will close the topic in the meantime to avoid new participations that would not be taken into account.

                            See you soon!


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                              Waiting is over, we are proud to announce the winners of the "The Greatest Battle" event. We had the great honor of seeing some amazing stories some funny that really made us laugh out loud, others thrilling and fascinating like a good book. We want to thank all people who decided to write their story, even if you didn't win this time.
                              1. Rank Kalijv Sezak
                              2. Rank Biervampir Zephiros
                              3. Rank Varkgorim Sezak
                              4. - 10. Rank Kerui Zephiros
                              4. - 10. Rank Mkil Sezak
                              4. - 10. Rank Evenwiniel Axiol
                              4. - 10. Rank SamuraiCN Sezak
                              4. - 10. Rank Vallane Sezak
                              4. - 10. Rank Spyru Zephiros
                              4. - 10. Rank DarkVelvet Zephiros

                              You can expect the rewards tomorrow, 24/05/2018 during the day.
                              In case you already forgot what to win and what to expect, check our announcement for "The Greatest Battle".

                              Thank you

                              WEBZEN Portal | Support Portal
                              The "B" stands for "BETA".