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    So since forums will be closed down, I wanted to give a small feedback of my experiences during CBT2. I've reached 58 lvl. with whisperer and gameplay itself was awesome. Audiovisual response from killing monsters was really great so killing felt really satisfying. And since this game is built around killing monsters this aspect is super important! Monsters weren't too hard to kill, but not too easy either. So Balance is quite good here, due to that, it kept me engaged and it definitely will in the future. The game is easy to get a grasp of, doesn't cause confusion, experience is really fluent. Now, the WORST part was technical one. I hope developers will address this. The only thing that ruined the experience was poor optimization. Low frame rates caused game to feel like power point presentation rather than real game.. If frames will be so bad at OBT or full launch I doubt I will be playing. It is very important for gamers to have smooth experience. If you want people to enjoy the game experience HAS to be smooth, and poor performance ruins that experience to the point of uninstalling the game. I hope developers will address this issue in the future if they want to have more players. Other than that game is really awesome!