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    Hey there i dont have much of a time to play the game but still i want to share the thing that i have expirienced so far in the game. First of all i wanna start with overall things.

    Playing in party loot system doest look that rewarding, most of the time the items i get (or my friend gets) are for the opposite class in the party, wich can be usefull when you are in party with friend/friends but could be really unsatisfaying when you group with random ppl.

    I have notice that some times mobs bodyblock you really hard when you are not even fully surounded with them - noticed that several times.

    Some quests for collecting things, you need to click the object two or three times wich is quite annoying.

    Also when you are out of fight alrady there is some delay with mounting for no reason.You need to click mount like 4-5 times after you are like 5-10 secs out of the fight alrady and theres no reasonto not mount immideately.

    Trying to move crafting mats in stash doest stack them automaticly wich is annoying as well, couse you need to rearenge them after putting it in.

    I've noticed you cant add socket to a item when your materials are in stash, wich is strange couse you CAN craft thing with mats in stash but you CANT socket an item.

    That leads me to another suggestion : Why not make Mgic gems/ Rift fragments and Zen stashable, couse its strange when you can expand your stash with one character and use it with all, but you cant transfer your materials and zen.

    Having 8 slots for build changing is fine (F1-F8) but we should be able to make an empty slot like add some X icon when try to change a skill, just to remove it, it will be really helpful i think

    Now for the War Mage i`ve played a bit (Level 32) :

    First of all that skill named : Full Throtill - i have noticed that when you use it, some times (most of the time to be honest) it triggers a rubberbanding efect after you use it. - thats ofc may be from lag or something but its not cool

    Also i feel that skill : Radiant Chain is kind a useless. Mage class wich should be a mobile class doing dmg from distance that skill isn't fitting in my oppinion, couse its chanaleng skill wich you need time to channel so you need at least to be able to redirect it.

    I've tried the Blader class (Level 36) and i didnt notice a signle item or skill that "Leech life" such as "life on hit" or "Dmg convert to life" - this may be my mistake ofc, couse i didnt play it so much - hope its my bad or you guys have something in mind for the furute.

    As i said i didn't have the time to try everything but those are the things i've noticed so far. I`ll be happy if my post is at least helpful