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  • My opinion about Mu Legend

    The game mechanics are fun, but overall is just a generic version of diablo 3. Don't get me wrong, the formula of diablo 3 is a great gameplay. But i feel like the creators could use some more nostalgia like start the game in lorencia. There are too many quests and the history of the quest are shallow, i would rather a sandbox world just like mu online. Some sprites are rip off from diablo like the ruby. Im hoping this game is not gonna be another cash grab; I dont see why not using the models 3d for the inventory either.The sprite of bless is just too ugly.

    Maybe just a remake from the first game would be much better; Changing only the camera and graphics but the same history monsters from mu online.

    Ofc is just in beta, but like tree of savior this gane is going towards a fail game; TOS didnt got the soul of the ragnarok. Mu legend is not gonna have the same feeling as mu; Im curious if the creator of mu online is helping in this project. I am saying this because there are strong competitors like lineage eternal and lost ark. Mu legend is gonna suffer when this games became available. Because there are much more original.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong session and i only pointing out the flaws of the game, There are some great qualities. Like it is really fun doing rifts and hunting for gear.
    Other thing i really liked, is the interaction with the npc's. The space bar is so good and skip is nice too. This solves the problem if there are too many peoples stacking a npc.

    Well thats it. Hope they can improve the game.

    Regards from a fan of mu online.

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    Mu Legend is not Mu Online and this game got other soul


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      Developers said that MU Legend wont be same old MU Online, so basically if you can see, those games are 2 different styles. MU Online it's classic MMORPG game, but MU Legend have nothing to do with old MU Online. This game (MU Legend) it's ARPG (or Hack 'n' Slash) game paired with MMO.

      That's all you need to know. Don't compare two different style of games.