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I have lost CBT1 chars !

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  • I have lost CBT1 chars !

    alright the title says pretty much everything !
    i had a 65 whispered and 1-2 another character in US in Litenburg
    i am a streamer and i would like my chars back so i can stream the end game content .... so plz help me out !

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    Hello Melovia,

    There was no data wipe.
    it is possible that you played on another account during the CBT1?

    Maybe you can look for in your different mail boxes for other webzen account creations?

    You could check by going in-game and try to add your character as friend, you should still see it.

    Please let us know.


    • Hemo
      Hemo commented
      Editing a comment
      Glukopitor.. will tehre be a data wipe in the future? if yes.. will there be one in open beta to launch?

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    Hemo since i play webzen games there`s never been wipe`s on new games. So i doubt there will be any wipe

    However i am not webzen and cant give the answer for a 100% sure but the last 10 games had never a wipe during beta to official launch

    I hope i helped with your question.

    I wish you goodluck ingame i just came here to check on the forum i dont play games so hope you like Mu Legend and have fun!