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Hibernation of forums

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  • Hibernation of forums

    Hello Mutizens,
    The forums in the current state were a helping tool in order to get direct and post-beta feedback from all our Mutizens who have experienced the CBT1.

    As we have sent all of our data to the devs, we will put the forums in a hibernation state until it's time to re-open them for the same purpose with CBT2.

    Tomorrow, after portal maintenance, it will not be possible to access the forums.

    Our mainstream information will be now focused on announcement, news, entertainment as we are all looking in direction of MU Legend’s next closed beta.

    We invite you to join our Facebook page in order to follow-up on our day-to-day “what's happening in our quite intense journey to CBT2?".

    We thank you for the time devoted in our forums. Be reassured that they will come back in early 2017!

    Pre-register for the #MU_Legend_CBT2:

    See you soon,