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  • no server list

    I was directed here by support, i have problem with connection to server because list of servers is empty. I could join game only once and after this I have no server list. ("check files" doesn't work) I tried to reinstall game and it helped but only for first login again. Region - Europe Please help

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    Try using another account. Let's see if the problem is with the client or not.


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      I created new Account but didn’t Help.
      The same situation on steam and Client from oficial site


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        Seems like an issue with your ISP... Try using VPN when creating an account or when playing.


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          Unfortunately didn't help I also tried another internet provider but was the same. I played today longer time but after break when I turned on computer and game again didn't work. It looks like after first login something is changing maybe some file that block server connection.
          Can I have variable internet IP for example?? (which is changed every day i after this change game work??)
          I don't know...

          Usually reinstall helped but today i triied install again and even download again but didn't help
          I suppose tomorrow when i do reinstall it will work.

          Please help and thank you for answers